What All Tenants Should Know Before Renting a Home in San Fracisco’s East Bay Area During 2014 Summer Peak Season

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Tenants in East Bay are often unaware of the rights they are entitled to, says leading full service real estate and property management firm, ACL Real Estate and Property Management. Before renting a home, it is important for the prospective tenant to know all about the property and other information regarding the home they are about to live in, the company adds.

There are various things that no landlord or property manager in East Bay will share with people looking to rent homes in the area. For instance, one of the most basic rights of a renter is the right to getting a livable property. This means that the home should be free of health hazards such as lead, asbestos or mold, and should be able to withstand the vagaries of the weather, including heavy rainfall. If there are leaks or if repairs are required, the tenant has the right to ask the landlord to do the needful. If this does not work, they can even seek legal recourse. If the renter does the repairs or pays for them, he can seek compensation in the form of the expenses being deducted from the rent. Tenants can also ask the landlord to ensure that the air conditioning is working and that the furnace isn’t noisy.

As a renter, you also have a right to privacy. What this essentially means is that your landlord might have the keys to the property but he cannot come and go as he likes. Even if he needs to visit to make repairs, he should give adequate notice to the tenant. It is important to inform regarding a visit during an emergency, such as a burst pipe.

Another thing that many people might not be aware of is that one can negotiate the terms of the lease and even the rent in East Bay, depending on the current real estate market conditions. The length of the lease, the security deposit and pets on the premises are some of the things that can be negotiated with the landlord. The best time to negotiate the rent itself is at the time of renewing the lease.

Illegal rentals are more common than one might imagine in San Francisco, given the huge demand along with the housing shortage. It is important to find space that can be legally rented out. Information regarding this can be obtained from the local authorities, such as the building safety department and look up the records. Some homeowners, in a bid to earn some extra money might attempt to put their unused basement room, garage or attic on rent. However, these spaces might not have adequate ventilation or light or even adequate exists in case of a fire. To be put in the rental market, a space should comply with the rules and regulations of the area.

“As property managers in East Bay, we are aware of the market as well as the rules and regulations. We inspect homes and ensure that tenants get the best living conditions. When we take care of a rental home, we ensure that there is no need for complaints from either the landlord or the renter,” says a spokesperson from ACL Real Estate and Property Management.

About ACL Real Estate and Property Management: As one of the fasted growing full service real estate and property management firms in the East Bay and Peninsular regions, ACL Real Estate and Property Management has a proven track record in quality service and reliability. Apart from offering full-scale real estate brokerage, the company also provides comprehensive property management services to ease the process of selecting tenants, maintaining the home and ensuring timely rent collection for homeowners.


Charles Lassey