What Right-Handed Parents Don’t Know about Left-Handed Kids: Righty Parents Can Learn How to Help Their Kids at leftyslefthanded.com

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Right-Handed parents just don’t understand. They often see their lefty kids as “a little slow”, clumsy, awkward, even a bit embarrassing, and treat them according. They struggle to teach their kids to use utensils, to draw and use scissors, even to tie their shoes. When lefty kids don’t pick these skills up like their right-handed siblings, parents believe they are uncoordinated. But it’s not the kids’ fault they have a hard time, its their parents!

Right-handed scissors just don’t work when used in the left hand! Lefty kids can tie their shoes just fine when a left-hander teaches them how!

It’s a right-handed world, and lefty kids have to adapt in countless ways that never occur to right-handed parents. Lefties literally have to try harder – probably one reason they often excel as adults (5 of the last 7 US. Presidents were lefties).

Our biggest thrill at Lefty’s San Francisco, a store and website specializing in products for left-handers, comes when left-handed kids first use their “special” tools. A handful of very simple tools can literally transform left-handed kids’ lives, and change their experience at school from frustrating to enjoyable. Pens that don’t smudge because the ink dries instantly, left-handed scissors that actually work, left-handed rulers that read from right to left, left-handed pencils sharpeners that turn counterclockwise, chunky pencils and pencil grips that help lefty kids learn to develop their grip, and notebooks bound on the right – these items provide a foundation that convert a lefty kid’s difficulties into accomplishments.

At Lefty’s we’ve received letters and testimonials from both left-handed parents and left-handed kids about the huge impact our products have had on their lives. Because our store is run by lefties, we’re especially pleased when giving Little Lefties a (left) hand up .

We also have good resources for right-handed parents – Your Left Handed Child, by Laura Milsom, and several other books at our store detail the issues faced by lefty kids. A series of left-handed writing skills workbooks, along with developmental writing tools, can assist tremendously in the struggle to learn how to write left-handed. Our humorous books and history books promote Lefty Pride and awareness.

Though lefties will probably always be a beleaguered group – an enormous but nearly silent minority – a little parental understanding can make an enormous difference in a child’s confidence and attitude. Right-Handed parents can make adjustments that dramatically change a left-handed kid’s world view. On August 13, International Left-Handers’ Day, Lefty’s will publish the results of their Left-Handed Video Contest, which will be a great resource for left-handed kids and their parents.

Right-Handed Parents have to learn how to see the world in the mirror. It’s useful to attempt to “convert”, to try spending a day or two as a lefty. Try using right-handed scissors in your left hand, or do something more difficult, like writing with your left hand.

Left-handed school supplies are our most popular and sought-after products, but Lefty’s has a wonderful variety of other left-handed products. From our lefty customer and friend ideas, we’ve developed a range of custom products , and now have the largest selection of left-handed tools and gifts in the world.

Left-Handed Kids see everything a little differently. Paying attention to their Left-Handed Kids’ point of view is as important for Right-Handed Parents as reading stories at bedtime, or finding clothes that fit.

Lefty’s is offering a Back to School special promotion of a free pair of scissors with any order of school supplies. Just enter “kid’s scissors” in the coupon code box for a pair of left-handed kid’s scissors, and “lefty scissors” in the code box for a free pair of adult left-handed scissors.

All Righty Parents should try to live a day as a left-hander, doing everything with their left hand that they usually do with their right – writing, cutting, tying their shoes, etc. Its a good way to get a feel for the extent of the challenges facing their left-handed kids, and your kids will get a big kick out of it.


Lucia Howard

Margaret Majua