WhatWouldBettyDo.com Offers Recipes, Health and Fitness Tips for Real People with Busy Lives

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Most health, fitness, cooking and lifestyle advice seems to be written for mythical people with unlimited time and endless budgets. WhatWouldBettyDo.com is written with real people in mind, people balancing families, jobs, commitments and finances. No, you can’t change your life overnight, but you can make incremental changes that make your life healthier and more enjoyable.

WhatWouldBettyDo.com was written by Alisa Bonsignore and inspired by her grandmother, Betty, a working mom back in the days where Betty Draper was more the social norm. She ate healthy, lived an active life and lived the balanced life that many of us are still striving to emulate.

“I look around and see men and women who are struggling to balance careers, families and personal time,” says Bonsignore. “It’s no surprise that we don’t feel like we have the time to cook a meal or go to the gym. But as I grappled with these issues in my own family, I realized that I could use my own grandmother as a model for the life I wanted to live, just by asking ‘What would Betty do?’”

WhatWouldBettyDo.com features real-world fitness, health and nutrition tips to help you make small changes that have a positive impact. All recipes are easy to cook, family-friendly or can be easily modified to satisfy preschooler palates.

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Alisa Bonsignore
What Would Betty Do?