Where’sMyStuff?, New Windows Desktop Search Software, Indexes Disk in Minutes, Finds Files in Seconds

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Smoothduck Inc. has just released it’s new Windows software product, Where’sMyStuff?, designed to simplify and speed the tasks of finding and organizing files on PCs.

“Busy professionals have too many files on too many disks. Even power users have difficulty finding and organizing tens of thousands of current and legacy files on their disks.”, said Michael Cuthbertson, President and CEO of Smoothduck. “Where’sMyStuff was designed to speed the process of Windows file search and organization through proprietary search and indexing algorithms, tab-style GUI, a graphical Timeline and a keystroke-minimized interface.”

Where’sMyStuff? can find any file in seconds, with only a few keystrokes, thanks to its optimized file database and GUI. Where’sMyStuff? finds every file on up to 4 NTFS disk volumes and indexes a typical disk in 5 minutes. Said Cuthbertson, “The modern Windows PC user is overwhelmed with files of every type and does not have time to waste in lengthy file searches. Even more important, users want to avoid re-creating documents and projects due to ‘missing’ files. This is why we index all files, not a narrow subset”.

Of special interest is the graphical timeline which allows instant click and drag setting of a time span to search. This is very handy when only the approximate date and type of the file is known; it is also very useful for viewing project files as a group when multiple types are selected, for example finding all doc, ppt, xls files modified two days ago or in the third week of last June.

The product supports multimedia with MP3 tag search across folder boundaries to find any song by artist, title or album or all songs by a single artist or all versions of a single song, for example. For photos and other images, Where’sMyStuff? displays image search results in list form as well as two thumbnail sizes and larger preview windows. Most digital cameras save pictures with impossible to remember names like “dsc0000456.jpg”. To find these, the graphical timeline is used, which can quickly select any timespan, say the last two weeks of August 2005, for search and display.

The GUI of Where’sMyStuff is tab-based, with tabs for Applications, Documents, Multimedia and Directories. This provides nearly automatic file organization and search based on file types selected by the user. For example, the Document tab might contain all pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt, zip files; the Images tab all png, jpg, gif, bmp files. Each tab can have ten such file lists.

Smoothduck is offering a special introductory price of $69 through January 31, 2010.

Where’sMyStuff is available for purchase at our website.

User support for Where’sMyStuff? includes a product manual, a video tutorial, FAQs and soon, a user forum. For a free trial version of Where’sMyStuff , click this link or visit our website at http://www.smoothduck.com.


Michael Cuthbertson
Smoothduck, Inc.