Who’s Got Game? A Vision Quest from oMobio – “Game Changer” Uses Mobile Device Camera, Chosen at GamesBeat Innovation Showdown

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area startup oMobio has been selected to present A Vision Quest, its breakthrough mobile game, at the Who’s Got Game Innovation Showdown, October 30th at GamesBeat 2013. In A Vision Quest, users solve puzzles and move through levels using photos from their mobile device’s camera. It is the first game in which players can truly blend real-world and virtual-world experiences.

The video game designer and acclaimed author Jesse Schell feels that “A Vision Quest’s use of the camera for gameplay is mind blowing.” The Carnegie Mellon University professor and former creative director of the Disney Imagineering Virtual Reality Studio added, “I wish I were playing it right now!”

In its fifth year, the Who’s Got Game Innovation Showdown will spotlight seven finalists with the freshest ideas in gaming. oMobio’s CEO and co-founder Tom Meyer will have four minutes onstage to prove that A Vision Quest is the most innovative new game with the greatest potential for business success.

“I’m thrilled that A Vision Quest was chosen for the Showdown,” said Mr. Meyer, who previously developed Dropbox’s Android app and Smule’s Magic Piano for Android. “Today, a lot of our social and media apps end up isolating us,” he observed. “A Vision Quest aims to connect us to our environment.”

The game appears to have succeeded. According to TED Brain Trust member and founding board member of Kickstarter Sunny Bates: "I love the way A Vision Quest uses the edges in the world around us to play a game and connect us to the outside universe.”

A Vision Quest is the action-packed love story of two space-traveling armadillos who’ve been zapped into different dimensions and need the player’s help to be reunited. A hybrid of a platformer game and a scavenger hunt, it uses cutting-edge technology to make the player’s photos—from a mobile device camera or imported from social media—part of the game.

For more information, please contact Chandra Ganguly at pr(at)omobio(dot)com.


Chandra Ganguly