Why Do Some People Get Sick After Getting Their Annual Flu Shot? Dr. Larry Gertler, Nationally Known Kinesiologist and Teacher, Tells Why

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — “Every year in the Fall and early Winter, the medical community begin touting the benefits of the latest flu shot, yet before you go and get inoculated, people might want to investigate some facts” says Dr. Gertler.

Dr. Gertler points out that countless studies show that there are many folks who react to flu shots and other vaccination in a negative way and that this reaction can actually weaken the immune system rather than strengthen and protect it.

“All vaccines produce antibodies” says Dr. Gertler, “and actually, they produce circulating immune complexes called CICs. Your immune system ends up attacking these CICs. When it does, it deflects its energy from its more important job – protecting you from more harmful viruses and bacteria. Like fighting a war on two fronts, your body is similarly splitting its resources in an attempt to defend you. In other words, your immune system is trying to protect you from the vaccine by creating an allergic reaction to it. If another virus or bacteria comes along, there are fewer lymphocytes left to kill it”.

Dr. Richard Moskowitz also agrees that immunizations can lead to certain types of chronic diseases, in his book, The Case Against Immunization. “Far from providing a genuine immunity…,” says Dr. Moskowitz, “vaccines may act by actually interfering with or suppressing the immune response.” Dr. Moskowitz indicates that the rise in auto immune diseases is an automatic result of injecting live virus and foreign antigens into children. As a result, the body can no longer tell the difference between good and bad cells and starts attacking itself, producing such auto immune responses as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, immunity deficiency syndrome, and other degenerative diseases.

“I have personally treated many people who have gotten severe cases of the flu after they have taken a flu shot” says Dr. Gertler “and, in my many years as a Chiropractic physician, I have concluded that it is better to boost one’s cell-mediated immunity through natural methods than to rely totally on the anti bodies in any flu vaccine.”

Of course, the decision to take or not to take a flu shot is an individual decision – and should be an informed decision. “No matter their choice,” says Dr. Gertler, “if someone experiences flu like symptoms or contracts the flu, they are encouraged to call me at the Center for Holistic Health (510) 652-2302 and I can do a kinesiological flu treatment protocol which, in most cases, will have them back on their feet within 48 hours.”

Dr. Larry Gertler, M.Ed. D.C., is a nationally known holistic chiropractor and teacher. He is available for in-office visits and telephone consultations (for California residents only). Dr. Gertler offers free 20 minute new patient consultations and discounts to new patients for comprehensive exams. The Center for Holistic Health (also known as Advanced Chiropractic) is located in the Rockridge District of Oakland, California, at 5273 College Avenue. Please call ahead to schedule your free 20 minute consultation or comprehensive examination. Dr. Gertler’s phone number is (510) 652-2302. You can also find more information on his website at http://www.drgertler.org.


Dr. Larry Gertler
Center for Holistic Health (Advanced Chiropractic)