WineColony Announces Launch of Unique Wine Discovery Website

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — WineColony is pleased to announce the public launch of their groundbreaking wine discovery, price comparison and cellar tracking website at .

One of the most exciting features of WineColony is our distinctive wine discovery tool, which can be found at . Visitors are able to filter our entire database of hundreds of thousands of wines based on criteria including our quality and value scores, price, wine type and regional source.

We start by calculating a quality score for each wine, using our proprietary rating system. Using prices we have gathered from hundreds of wine retailers and restaurants, we then calculate a value score, showing how reasonably priced each wine is relative to other wines of comparable quality.

Visitors to WineColony are then able to search for wines based on these quality and value scores, as well as other features of the wines, including price, type and regional source. Once a wine is found in the discovery tool, visitors click through to a wine detail page that includes prices from retailers and restaurants that sell the wine, tasting notes, wine label images and more.

Says WineColony founder Bill Bennett, “this has truly changed the way I shop for wine. Gone are the days of browsing hundreds of similar-looking wines hoping to find something interesting or an unusual value. I think visitors to WineColony will immediately find that our unique discovery tool allows them to locate high-quality, value-priced wines of any type and in any price range, that they might not otherwise have found.”

Also unique to WineColony is an extensive and growing database of restaurant wine prices, culled from the wine lists of hundreds of popular restaurants using our proprietary web crawling technology. Our goal is to evolve this into a tool that will humanize the restaurant wine list for the average restaurant patron.

Our combination of restaurant wine prices, tasting notes and quality and value scores will allow wine drinkers to quickly learn about obscure wines they find on restaurant wine lists that they might not otherwise try. We hope our tools will further educate wine consumers about these wines and empower restaurants to expand their wine programs, knowing that customers will be more comfortable exploring new wines.

For additional information about, contact Bill Bennett, founder of WineColony. To find your new favorite wine, visit .

About WineColony: WineColony was founded in 2008 and publicly launched in August, 2009. WineColony is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.

Contact: Bill Bennett, founder WineColony 925-485-1032


William Bennett