With Favorable Market Conditions, Oakland, CA Real Estate Market is Poised for an Upsurge

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — With the housing market aimed towards a new revival, Marvin Gardens Real Estate, with locations in Berkeley, Kensington and El Cerrito is proud to serve new homeowners with quality real estate properties in various markets of Bay Area California; including the booming Oakland area. After years of stagnation, real estate markets are beginning to move upwards in terms of value and demand; indicating now is the time to buy. Marvin Gardens wants to support new homeowners in this burgeoning market by offering beautiful, affordable homes in the most desirable areas of Oakland and Berkeley, CA.

With market conditions touchy and unsure since the housing collapse in 2008, buyers have awkwardly waded through the market, afraid to invest heavily and content to rent with minimal liability. However, for the past year the market has slowly lurched forward. This is especially true in Oakland, CA, where in the past year houses have been spending almost half the amount of time on the market as the previous year, all while home values have increased. Now is the time to take advantage of the market and pick up beautiful real estate properties at the lowest price possible, before price tags catch up to value.

Why is Bay Area, California such a desirable location? Timing. After the stark drop in the price of real estate, many established homeowners sought to “trade up” leaving a full market of moderately priced homes throughout the Bay Area. Also, a recent boom in Silicon Valley has led to national leading job growth statistics. The Bay Area has a large population of incoming young professionals who will be snatching up property and building affluent neighborhoods in cities like Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Oakland, CA.

Finally, how can a prospective buyer take advantage of these ideal market conditions? Marvin Garden Real Estate Agents suggest acting now. Purchase property in desirable and affordable communities like Oakland, so that the property will grow in value for the next few years; as the city is all but assured to do the same. The real estate market is all about location, this is a long beaten dead horse. But few realize how much timing plays into location. Marvin Garden Real Estate understands that THIS is the time to buy before prices in desirable areas begin to rise again.

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