WokiDoki Provides Single Place for People to Interact with Multiple Businesses


Lafayette, California (EastBayDaily) — Vertex Logic Inc. announces availability of an online service called WokiDoki . Using WokiDoki, a person can interact with a restaurant, dentist office, bank and school-teacher on the same WEB page; or search the business directory provided along side. On the business side, a business can set up a business-center linked to its entry in the directory. A customer searches a business, sees its full page ad or other relevant information such as restaurant menu or promotion offer and can click on the send-message link to begin interaction. This provides a seamless transition from the directory search to collaboration.

WokiDoki saves people the time and pain of going to multiple WEB sites to get information about businesses and communicate with them. It also allows them to track business related communication at a single place on their respective dashboards on the WEB.

On WokiDoki, a business can setup an online business center. This gives a business interactive WEB (2.0) presence without any upfront cast. This is especially very useful for small businesses, which are otherwise unable to leverage interactive web technologies.

For the customers, WokiDoki addresses concerns of privacy and registration. It makes registration as simple as possible using an arbitrary screen name and password to identify user’s data; or integrating with open id and single sign on provided by popular social networking sites, portals or search engines. This is analogous to calling a business with caller ID blocked.

According to Anil Sharma, CEO and Founder, “WokiDoki provides a clean, fast and easy to use interface. It provides a common interface for people and businesses to interact. The simplicity and speed are very critical for the success of any such service. Hopefully, a few standard templates will emerge in WokiDoki for information exchange and collaboration. This will further make search, browse and interact more convenient and productive. WokiDoki, as an aggregator of work-related information from multiple businesses, will alleviate pain associated with tracking information on multiple sites or personal computers.”

About WokiDoki

WokiDoki is an online hosted service. Anyone who is authorized by a business can register for the business center. People can register using screen names or third party single sign on services. WokiDoki is free for people. The basic business services include one page advertisement, business listing, collaboration and task management features. The basic business services are free for businesses. The premium services will be available soon. A premium service will be charged monthly with the option to leave it anytime. The official name of the company providing WokiDoki is Vertex Logic, Inc. Vertex Logic is based in Lafayette, California. WokiDoki’s mission is to deliver simple interfaces that make WEB browsing efficient for the end user.

More info is available at WokiDoki About Page.


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