Women’s Portrait Photographer Angie Capri Announces New Partnership with Total Women Gym and Spa in Alameda, CA and Upcoming Workshop

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Angie Capri is the founder and owner of Angie Capri Photography, an international portrait photography studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Capri is dedicated to creating empowering portraits for all women. Through her photography and the launch of her new partnership with Total Women Gym and Spa in Alameda, CA, she hopes to inspire women to honor, express, and capture their inner radiance.

Capri is ecstatic about her new partnership with Total Women Gym and Spa for many reasons; one in particular. They both share a similar mission. Capri explains, "Total Women is more than just another gym; its approach supports whole mind, body, and soul optimization and balance. I just love the group of women who work there, and they made me feel right at home as soon as I met them. I felt understood and well-supported. Together we are going to change a lot of lives!"

Services at Total Women include weight loss training along with facials, body treatments, massage, aromatherapy, and manicures. "Total Woman Gym and Spa is the largest, full-service gym and day spa in California. Started in 1965, we have dedicated more than 40 years to helping women achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals. Our full-service day spas and boutique elements give our gyms the upscale look and feel of a five-star day spa. Total Woman is dedicated to providing women with the opportunity they need to reach their personal health and wellness goals by offering the finest in Fitness Services, Skin and Body Care and Wellness Education. Our services are provided in a welcoming, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere." You can learn more about Total Women Gym and Spa, and find the location nearest you, visit http://www.totalwomanspa.com/.

Their partnership is off to a great start! Earlier this year, Capri launched her "Capture Your Inner Radiance Series," Women's Empowerment Workshops, which normally take place at her intimate studio in Concord, CA. However, her recent workshop, "Designing Your Empowered Body," was such a big hit, Capri is excitedly taking it on the road. The first stop: Total Women Gym and Spa in Alameda, CA.

Capri is thrilled to create opportunities for women to come together in community, with other heart-centered individuals. Capri explains, "During our last workshop, all of the ladies had a wonderful time bonding, and surprising, juicy topics came out of the blue, it was so much fun! They wouldn't leave, so finally, I had to kick them out! Politely of course. My goal is to take this fabulous workshop on the road and tour the US. Who knows, I can take this workshop globally too!"

Capri is holding her workshop, "Designing Your Empowered Body," at Total Women Gym and Spa on Saturday, October 19, 2013. It is limited to 20 fabulous ladies and is expected to sell out.

For more information, to register, or to host one of Capri's workshops, visit http://angiecapri.com/womens-empowerment-events-bay-area/ .

To learn more about Angie Capri Photography and to support changing the world one beautiful woman at a time, visit http://angiecapri.com.


Suzanne Bourgault


Suzanne Bourgault