World Champ Tech Announces Initial Release of Bike+ iPhone App

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — World Champ Tech, LLC proudly announces the initial release of the Bike+® iPhone App – the only free iPhone fitness app designed, developed, and coded by a team of World Champions. “Our athletic experience provides us with unique insights into the cycling app market,” said founder, and World Amateur Cycling Champion James Mattis. “We believe that in the same fashion that a photo is more than mere pixels, GPS data is more than a collection of map points. It tells the story of your ride.” The app is available on the Apple App Store at

The Bike+ app features a novel approach to activity tracking that uses proprietary algorithms to detect and illuminate the key moments & memories in a users’ ride, and distinguishes it among the hundreds of activity tracking apps littering the market. Co-founder, and two-time Olympian Ted Huang elaborated, “We want riders not only to have fingertip access to ride stats they care about, but also easily recall ride memories as well. Bike+ liberates users from a tunnel-vision focus on data, and helps them see the entire picture of their bike ride.”

Bike+ Focuses on More than Just Numbers & Data

Bike+ includes all of the standard activity tracking features that you would expect such as speed, distance, maps, weather, and altitude charts. However, Bike+ also features powerful, new tools to help users record & share ride memories: Bike+ automatically detects and categorizes climbs The app automatically names rides based on the ride terrain, weather, and route Bike+ automatically captures an image from a noteworthy point along the ride route

Bike+ Makes Sharing Ride Memories Easy

Users can share ride memories on social media using Strava, Twitter, or Facebook directly from the app. In addition, Bike+ features a powerful new tool for creating and sharing short highlight videos of a users’ ride. These videos provide a fun, new way to share ride experiences with friends and family.

Bike+ Aids Users in Planning and Discovering New Adventures

Bike+ has powerful tools for filtering and searching ride routes based on location, terrain, and ride time. Bike+ uses advanced algorithms to accurately estimate route ride time, which helps users avoid unexpected surprises, and never be late for a meeting again. Users can view complete route details including route map, elevation profile, and categorized climbs. The app also allows users to visualize prominent route landmarks in short route preview videos.

Bike+ Helps Cyclists Avoid Road Hazards

Unfortunately, the story of your ride might include a bump in the road, or a pothole along the way. When that happens, Bike+ helps riders record the location and type of hazard they encountered, and shares this data with all Bike+ users. In this way, cyclists can discover the location of potential trouble spots.

Bike+ Works With Pebble

Bike+ integrates seamlessly with Pebble smart watches to provide convenient fingertip access to key data including speed, distance, altitude, grade, and more. Pebble users have complete control over the iPhone app with the ability to start ride recordings, start segment timers, and tag hazard locations. Bike+ users can upgrade to a Pebble with an exclusive $10 off coupon available only through the app.


About World Champ Tech, LLC.

World Champ Tech aims to provide users with the world’s best cycling app experience.


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