World Release by French Singer Caroline Dulac. Bay Area Block Report Exclusive

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — In 2005, French musician and San Francisco Bay resident Caroline Dulac began accompanying the spirited melodies in her head with background tracks of upbeat, experimental electronic pop compositions. After TV commercial production with BET, MTV and VH1, she has teamed up with Bay Area Block Report in Walnut Creek, CA to promote her mélange of dance sounds. On August 28, 2012, Bay Area Block Report announced the world premiere release of Caroline’s newest singles, “Call Me Now” and “Till Tonight.”

As a follow-up to the spirited house melodies of ”Feel the Move,” ”Trippy Chicky,” and ”Exotik Girl,” Caroline’s ”Call Me Now” infuses commercial appeal into her distinct electro-pop-house blend. The medium-tempo pop track features Caroline’s markedly French accent and bold lyrical awareness. She unabashedly sings of the universal desire to talk to and see a lover, even though it’s too late to call. The background tracks, arranged by Vybe Beatz, drives the song forward with a layer of short, constant eighth notes in the melody line, on top of a simulated, gliding guitar inflection.

Both “Call Me Now” and ”Till Tonight” sport solely English lyrics, though Caroline often likes to insert Franglish segments into her singles. ”Till Tonight” features a slower, sensual groove and overdubbed background vocals to build the excitement and tension inherent in the lyrics. Through calculated sampling and groove-laden music loops, Caroline and Big Man at Geddog Productions present a pure dance chart for mass club entertainment.

Tim Lewis, Director of Advertising and Promotions for Bay Area Block Report/Boss Hog Entertainment, enthusiastically promotes Caroline Dulac’s “keen sense of melody” and “spirit that is infectious.” The agency uses their patented 360 Media package to bring upcoming San Francisco talent into the national spotlight. Listeners can buy both “Call Me Now” and “Till Tonight” online on all major digital retailers.

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Tim Lewis
Bay Area Block Report