Worldictionary Upgrade Means Better On-The-Go Translation

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Penpower Inc., a world leader in the development of business productivity software, has announced the iTunes release of Worldictionary for iPhone version 2.1. The newest version of the popular translation app, Worldictionary – which allows users to instantly translate words from 21 languages including, English, Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish etc. into over fifty nine other languages – will now feature an auto-fill/predict function for manual typing and can now be used to instantly translate multi-word phrases.

The developers of the award-winning and best-selling WorldCard Mobile app, Penpower Inc., – based in Fremont, Calif. – designed Worldictionary to function quickly and easily for real-time translation. The app, which has been featured in various sections in the iTunes App Store, also works as a powerful multi-language thesaurus and dictionary and can be used for word usage information, including etymology, phonetics, synonyms and other information of value to anyone in need of language assistance on the fly.

“This is, quite obviously, a very powerful tool for business, or anything else, because it gives you the ability to – especially now, with upgraded functions that make the app faster – move at the speed of global business and to not feel as restricted by the language barrier,” said Penpower vice president DP Deng. “You can literally, open up the door to global business opportunities thanks to the technology offered by Worldictionary 2.1. It is true that the app will also be great, recreationally, for travelers and for folks just visiting other places. But, in my mind, the business ramifications of this product are what make it so important and kind of special to us; as our intended mission is to provide innovations that will help to perfect communications between man and technology and, ultimately, man and his peers.”

Ease of use is an appreciated feature of Worldictionary, which allows users to simply point their iPhone camera viewfinder at a word – be it on a street sign or in a contract or a restaurant menu – and, without having to actually take a picture (which would take up memory), get an instant and accurate translation. The app allows users to search Google, YouTube and Wikipedia and Worldictionary automatically saves your search records, allowing users to build personal translation databases for heightened translation efficiency.

Version 2.1 of Worldictionary is optimized for speed, now including an auto-fill word predictor for manual use and offering the capability of instantly translating multi-word phrases, as well. The new version features a user manual update and includes several new language recognition options, including Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Romanian and Slovakian. Worldictionary 2.1 also comes with an anti-shake function to ensure image quality. The app is available now at iTunes for $4.99 and is compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2 or later). You can download the Worldictionary app from the iTunes store.

Also for more details about the app. Please check out our demo videos here, Worldictionary App – Demo Video 1 Worldictionary App – Demo Video 2

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