Wyatt Yeager Unveils the Modern Diamond Dredge

Pleasant Hill, California (EastBayDaily) — The Precision Amazon Dredge represents years of combined research and development in gold and diamond recovery. The Amazon has been designed and built to meet the harshest tropical and oceanic conditions. As a result of the Amazon’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant design, it is portable enough to be shipped and stored anywhere. Standard recovery systems are designed to produce both gold and diamonds, which maximizes the machine’s versatility.Interestingly, no electronic controls are incorporated on the dredge in a deliberate effort to minimize both downtime and maintenance. With most diamond dredging operations in remote locations, the availability of spare parts is generally limited.

According to Wyatt Yeager, “Electronics and gadgetry is a recipe for disaster in the harsh mining environment of the jungle. Keeping the suction and recovery systems simple will increase your profits due to less downtime waiting for specialized parts and service.” The genius of Yeager’s design is that the Amazon can be powered by a single hydraulic unit. This includes providing power to the dredge pump, an optional cutter head system, and the diamond recovery equipment.

When questioned concerning gold dredge sluice systems for diamond recovery Wyatt Yeager says, “A sluice is not designed to recover low specific gravity material such as diamonds; it’s a misconception used to sell standard gold dredges to the misinformed diamond miner interested in dredging.” Yeager adds, “There are only two ways to recover diamonds efficiently while dredging; either an on-board system consisting of a classifier and mineral jigs or pumping the diamond gravel straight to a land-based diamond recovery system.”

Wyatt Yeager is considered an authority on alluvial diamond dredging. Having successfully consulted in dredging programs throughout Africa and South America, he has created a new standard in diamond dredging equipment and techniques. He also has established the blog http://www.diamonddredge.com where he frequently writes and offers advice on diamond mining and dredging.


Wyatt Yeager

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