Yahoo! and ShopSocially Present Strategies to Boost Conversion, Get Referrals and Generate 10X Social ROI

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — ShopSocially, leading social, referral and retention platform and Yahoo! Commerce Central conducted a joint webinar on Oct 1st 2014 and revealed strategies to help marketers convert their customers into brand ambassadors, maximize referral traffic, boost conversion and acquire new customers. In this webinar, Samir Palnitkar, President at ShopSocially presented strategies which marketers should adopt to grow their businesses rapidly and achieve social ROI of 10x or greater.

Social media features by default in all marketing plans of today’s marketers. But they are still often clueless on how to harness the true power of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email effectively. To help marketers maximize their social ROI, Samir Palnitkar suggested how marketers can boost conversion, get referrals, and generate 10x Social ROI by employing the strategies described below:

1. Move to Viral Email Acquisition: Marketers should replace their traditional email acquisition widgets with Facebook Connect. ShopSocially’s Social Connect app encourages users to share their Facebook profile in return for an incentive. Each connect results in a Facebook post adding virality. Besides acquiring the email address, marketers get the complete social profile of user. Rich social profile data like birthday, gender, location, interests, friends, etc. can be collected via this method. This results in generating deep social insights of your customers, and can be used to run customized campaigns.

2. Drive Customer Acquisition via Referral Programs: Most marketers know referral marketing but very few actually add a social flavor to it. For an effective referral program, reward your users for referring your site to their friends on social media. For maximum returns, make it a reciprocal offer wherein both sharers and their friends get a reward. ShopSocially’s Refer-a-Friend app helps you enable this benefit for your site. A referral program can also be added when customers have finished their purchase. Customer delight is at its highest point when the customer has completed the purchase. Referral marketing can convert this customer delight into brand endorsement. By offering a simple incentive to customers, they can share their purchases on social media and drive social referrals.

3. Drive Visual Commerce by Converting Selfies into Sales: It’s a visual web today, and selfies are its best manifestation. Your customers are already sharing photos of your brand or products on channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These photos can be aggregated to create a visually attractive photo testimonial gallery. Customers can be encouraged to share their selfies and pictures with a brand specific hashtag. ShopSocially’s Photomonials app helps aggregate these photos into a nice visually attractive gallery on your product page which acts as social proof and increases conversions.

4. Use Social Login to Increase Conversions: In today’s socially connect web, social proof is the new customer identity. With so many accounts across different sites, users experience “password fatigue” when remembering the login details across sites. Enabling login via social profiles like Facebook, Google, Yahoo! Amazon or Twitter ensures that users’ default social browsing behavior is extended to your site. ShopSocially’s Social Login app reduces transaction/ cart abandonment rate by 46%, increases user engagement and drives sales conversion uplift.

5. Increase Loyalty by Rewarding Customers for Social Actions: A loyalty program is one of the surest ways of increasing customer loyalty and driving repeat sales from existing customers. But in today’s social media dominated world, these loyalty programs now need to incorporate social.

Reward your customers with loyalty points for social actions on your site. This increases social engagement, enhances customer loyalty and drives repeat purchases. ShopSocially’s Customer Loyalty App helps you employ this strategy for your site.

Marketers can boost conversion, acquire new customers, get referrals and maximize social ROI by embedding the above strategies on their website. ShopSocially’s apps help convert your customers into brand ambassadors and turn your website into a word-of-mouth powerhouse.

“The 5 must-have strategies can help marketers instantly turn their e-commerce website into a word-of-mouth powerhouse and achieve a social ROI of 10x or greater”, said Samir Palnitkar, President of ShopSocially. “Yahoo! Commerce Central provides client-side integration to marketers. Marketers should benefit from the easy integration of ShopSocially apps using Yahoo! Commerce Central and leverage it to maximize their social ROI.”

About ShopSocially ShopSocially is a one-stop social, referral and retention solution for marketers. Leading brands like Crabtree & Evelyn, CafePress, Zipcar, Ulta, Beretta etc. are using ShopSocially platform to enable referral marketing, visual commerce, customer loyalty, social login, social gamification and other such programs on their site.

ShopSocially has been consistently driving word-of-mouth promotions via social for 1000s of brands and delivering positive social ROI for their social media efforts.

ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit


Vibhushan Waghmare