Yuba Affordable Mobility Introduces the Mundo Utility Bike — Unique Cargo Bike Carries Almost Anything For Urban Cyclists and Developing Nations Alike — Come See it at the Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas Sept. 24-26th

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Yuba, a company specializing in affordable mobility for developed and under-developed communities, introduces the Mundo utility cargo bike. Designed to carry fifty kilo sacks of grain as well as building supplies from the hardware store, the Mundo is the first bike to offer extreme carrying capability to consumers at an extremely affordable price.

Designed to accommodate riders from 4.7″ to over 6.3″, the Mundo comes in one size, with carrying capability for up to three people or hundreds of pounds of cargo. Built with a low standover height out of high-tensile steel, the frame is outfitted with reinforced rims, axles, cranks and dropouts that roll on cargo-strength tires. Retailing for less than $800, the Mundo comes in either a six-speed or single-speed design to get you where you want to go.

Yuba Co-Founder Benjamin Sarrazin conceived the Mundo Utility Bike in the late 90′s after traveling in multiple under-developed countries and seeing their need for affordable transportation with carrying capabilities. “There were bikes everywhere in these desolate areas, but they were useless for carrying needed supplies and giving people the freedom to rise above their plight,” states Sarrazin. “After I got back to the states, I did some work in the bicycle industry, and eventually partnered with Klaus Schroder in Germany to create what is now known as the Mundo Bike.”

Naturally, the Mundo bike also works extremely well for citizens of the developed world to carry groceries, household supplies and even passengers to wherever they need to go. Customers lucky enough to have received bikes from the first production run have already flooded Yuba’s website with rave reviews.

For consumers wishing to stay fit, save on gas costs, become more connected to their community and atmosphere, all the while creating zero C02 emiission, the Mundo is the way to go.

When a Mundo is purchased directly from Yuba in the USA, Europe, or in the UK, 10% of the proceeds from each sale is redirected to either JugendHilfe, Worldbike, Re-cycle or Planet Vélo. These Non-Profit organizations operate programs that provides utility bikes to people in developing countries. These groups also accept individuals donations, volunteers, and support.

Yuba was launched in 2006 to build and provide affordable mobility solutions with a particular emphasis on distributing them to those most in need. The founders of Yuba came together to advance economic and social development, to promote self-reliance, and to emphasize better environmental awareness and lifestyle choices — all through the use of bicycles.

Because bicycles are one of the most energy efficient, financially affordable, mechanically reliable, and environmentally friendly vehicles, we believe that a more bike-centric world makes for a better world, a more connected world.

Yuba Bicycle Mobility