Zander Sprague Discusses Sibling Loss on The Life’s Dash

Castro Valley, California (EastBayDaily) — The Life's Dash will be discussing sibling loss on May 16th. During this interview Sprague will not only offer sibling loss tips but advice and his thoughts for opening up the line of communication again with family, friends and co-workers after suffering a sibling loss. Many times after a sibling loss, our family and friends don’t know how to talk to us. They don’t want to say the wrong things or ask the wrong questions. This talk radio interview will also allow Sprague to discuss a number of ways to remember loved ones. Sprague will share how to set and achieve our life-long goals. Sprague will discuss his mission to help change and mold the lives of others who have suffered from sibling loss. During the interview, Sprague will also share how he empowered himself and helps others to define their sibling loss and not have it define them. The listeners will find how spending just a few minutes with Sprague on the Blog Talk Radio show will enlighten them, give them hope, and change their course. Get ready to not only laugh and cry but also change your pathway to the Positive Pathway.

It is hard to imagine the complexity of being a sibling loss survivor. The interview with Michele Mattia will also allow Sprague to speak open-heartedly about losing his sister much too early to a senseless crime and also his sister-in-law in an untimely illness. Through this interview, the audience will learn that Sprague has a very compassionate heart. Even as a young child, Sprague was never at a loss for words and in his caring ways, he was always helping others through their own struggles. Sprague will share with listeners during his interview on Blog Talk Radio how after becoming a sibling loss survivor, he experienced many of the same feelings others have and had many of the same questions as others have with the loss of a sibling. At times, people may find themselves feeling alone, having difficulty focusing, and some days, getting out of bed is a great challenge. This interview Sprague will enlighten the audience on how to choose a different pathway – a positive pathway.

During his interview, Sprague will share why he became the GO TO speaker for loss, author and sibling grief coach for sibling loss. He will discuss how he changed his pathway after becoming a sibling loss survivor and now is happily married and a father of two. With a mission to help others chose a positive pathway after suffering from sibling loss, he will discuss how he worked along the side of five friends who also became a sibling loss survivor and penned a book Making Lemonade: Choosing A Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling. This book not only emphasizes the fact that readers have a choice on how the they may want to deal with their sibling loss but how to choose the positive pathway. The book’s workshops created a groundswell across the country populated with sibling loss survivors still wrestling with their loss.

“Through my own experiences, I realized quickly that you might not be prepared for a lot of things in your life and losing your sibling is one of them,” states Sprague. “Since I wrote the first edition of my book, I suffered yet another untimely and surprising loss of a sibling. This time my sister-in-law who was 35 years old, married and had a young child. Surprisingly, my brother-in-law has recently remarried and she is a sibling survivor who has made great contributions to the second edition of MAKING LEMONADE: Choosing A Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling with her story and experiences," said Sprague.

About Zander Sprague, Zander is not only an award-winning speaker for sibling loss, author, and sibling grief coach who has taken his own life changing experiences and turned them around to help others who have suffered the loss of a sibling but someone listeners can laugh with and cry with. He is a member of the National Speakers Association.

In the second edition of his book MAKING LEMONADE: Choosing A Positive Pathway After Losing Your Sibling author Zander Sprague encourages people to celebrate their sibling loss, “Make a choice every day to keep them warm in your heart and life”.


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