Zealios Skin Care Launches World’s First Sun-Activated App

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Zealios Skin Care, a high-quality skin care company for athletes, joined forces with global disruption and media arts company TBWATORONTO to create the world’s first sun-activated digital coupon. The web app, which doesn’t have to be downloaded, utilizes an ambient light sensor found on the Android operating system to activate a 50% off coupon when it senses a certain level of light. This sensor is available on most mobile and many desktop devices but currently only exposed by the Firefox browser. Apple’s iOS supports the feature, but has not exposed it for to outside programming and development yet. View the short explanatory video here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8m7Zu7El6Zjrw8tJLFnFqw .

“People usually think of responsive web design as only being about catering a UI to device widths, but we see it as designing a product based on an entire environment – including the elements,” said Troy Forster, Director of Technology at TBWATORONTO. “We are look forward to seeing what we can do with the ambient light sensor feature as we continue to explore and prototype more ideas and expect other vendors to support the standard in the future.”

When the sensor is exposed to light above a certain level, the coupon activates a 50% off coupon for a 3oz tube of Zealios Sun Barrier—a zinc oxide-based, oil-free, highly water-resistant sunscreen. Users without an Android device are still eligible to claim 20% off the same product. Also included in the web app are health facts that raise awareness about suitable sun safety in order to remind us how important it is to both get some sun and stay protected while doing so.

Although the ambient light sensor has existed for several years, it has typically been hard wired into the host device and not exposed to any level of developer programming. Therefore the web app is currently only compatible with Android and Firefox smartphones and Mac desktops via the Firefox browser. Part of the purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of the capability of the ‘ambient light’ feature. Zealios and TBWATORONTO are hoping that technology on other phones will soon catch up so that a wider customer base can take advantage of this latent technology.

“The campaign was created to encourage people to go outside and be active in an age where we are spending more and more time indoors, but all while staying protected from the sun,” said Kevin Fuller, Zealios co-founder. “In the modern day, smartphones are an extension of the human body so this was a fun way to tie technology into our brand and get our message across. We collaborated with TBWATORONTO to create a playful campaign that integrates technology and social media. Couple all of that with taking advantage of an under-utilized technology and you have a home run.”

Get your sun-activated coupon at coupon.zealiosskincare.com

About Zealios Skin Care: Zealios Skin Care (ZSC) is a Berkeley, CA based company that offers high performance skin care products for athletes. Committed to providing the best skin care products on the market, ZSC uses the highest quality ingredients and manufactures all products in the United States. Their products, zealios Sun Barrier and betwixt Chamois Cream, will allow you to focus on performance, knowing your skin is in good care.

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Kevin Fuller

Kevin Fuller