Alameda Sewer Repair and Trenchless Sewer Replacement Experts at Evenflow Plumbing Warn Homeowners of the Risks of Using Unlicensed Contractors

Alameda Sewer Line Repair |Sewer Line Replacement in Alameda: Alameda sewer repair and Alameda trenchless sewer replacement provided by of Alameda is performed by Alameda plumbers with many years of experience. Sewer repair in Alameda is usually required after a sewer pipe has been broken or damaged. Sometimes sewer damage is caused by tree roots which are called tree root intrusion. If you have a sewer clog or you suspect you may have a broken sewer pipe located in Alameda, California can help.Alameda sewer repair and Alameda trenchless sewer replacement contractors offering a video sewer inspection of your existing sewer pipe so we can correctly identify the cause of the sewer clog. The Alameda sewer inspection also allows our potential customers to see the sewer clog for themselves. We offer trenchless sewer replacement as an alternative to traditional sewer repair. Trenchless sewer replacement in Alameda is the process of pulling a new sewer pipe through the old sewer line without digging up the entire pipe. We dig an access point at both ends of the existing sewer line so we can use our equipment to replace the sewer pipe without a trench. If you need sewer repair in Alameda please give us a call.We offer free estimates for sewer repair in AlamedaWe are licensed Alameda sewer contractorsAlameda sewer repairSewer replacement in AlamedaAlameda sewer cleaningSewer repair Alameda CAAlameda trenchless sewer repairTrenchless sewer replacement in AlamedaAlameda sewer repair contractors — by Alameda Plumbing on April 15, 2014 to People & Blogs (152 seconds)

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Alameda sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement experts at Evenflow Plumbing are helping homeowners understand the difference between a licensed and unlicensed contractor and the potential liabilities homeowners can be exposed to if they hire an unlicensed contractor for any sewer lateral replacement. They are now offering a no cost sewer inspection to help homeowners to verify whether or not they actually need sewer repair or replacement in Alameda. “The City of Alameda is currently allowing sewer lateral replacement without requiring a permit. The problem this creates is an abundance of unlicensed contractors representing themselves as qualified repairmen because they know there will be no oversight from the city,” says Gary Dimodana, Owner of Evenflow Plumbing.

Alameda sewer repair and replacement contractors at Evenflow Plumbing offer homeowners who may need sewer lateral replacement a no cost consultation. “The reason we come out for no cost is to properly evaluate the situation so that we can recommend only the required repairs. Now that the City of Alameda isn’t requiring permits for sewer lateral replacement, we are seeing an influx of unlicensed contractors who are recommending unneeded work to people because there is no oversight,” says Gary.

Most major cities in California, including Alameda, require permits for plumbing repair. Sewer line replacement is an extremely important process. If there are leaks in the system, untreated sewage can seep into the ground water and the environment can be compromised according to Gary. “There are many connections, underground utilities like gas lines, water lines and electrical wires. A lot of times we also see unlicensed contractors using parts that aren’t up to code to save money. Since there isn’t any oversight by the city, the unlicensed contractors know they can get away with it, and often times they don’t consider the overall value they are delivering to their customers over their own desire to make the most profit.”

Evenflow Plumbing has developed a solid reputation in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties as an authority in the sewer repair and replacement industry according to Gary. “Our customers trust us because they see all of our reviews on the internet and they know that after being in business for over 20 years we aren’t going anywhere. Other plumbing companies refer their sewer pipe replacement customers to us for the same reason. We are the Gold Standard.”

Oakland sewer repair pros at Evenflow Plumbing are also considered a top authority when it comes the Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance and helping people get the PSL Certificate according to Gary. “The new Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance, which is enforced by EBMUD has led to many sewer testing and trenchless sewer replacements because people need to get their certificate of compliance.” In order for homeowners to be compliant with the ordinance they must make sure their sewer pipe doesn’t pollute ground water. The way EBMUD determines compliance is based on whether or not the sewer lateral can hold air or water. If the sewer line is air or water tight, it isn’t contaminating the environment.

To learn more about the sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement contractors at Evenflow Plumbing please visit their website. To take advantage of the no cost sewer pipe inspection please give them a call today. People are also encouraged to read their many positive online plumbing reviews for plumbers in Oakland, Alameda and surrounding areas.

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