Amplified Analytics Amplified Analytics Turns Word of Mouth Reviews into Sales Success

WOM Analysis for Marketing Professionals: — by AmplifiedAnalytics on September 17, 2010 to Science & Technology (179 seconds)

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Amplified Analytics, a leader in the emerging field of Word of Mouth Analytics, today announced the launch of Amplified WOM Analyzer, a SaaS tool that transforms word of mouth (WOM) reviews into sales-driving product insight. This unique tool lets marketing professionals to learn directly from customer-to-customer conversations which products to push, change, or drop.

“It’s an old marketing rule that you feed the stallions and starve the ponies,” said Amplified Analytics CEO Gregory Yankelovich. “But that only works if you can tell them apart. In reviews on sites like Amazon or Sephora, customers share product information with each other that they might not share with the company. We’ve made it possible for companies to effectively listen in.”

Amplified WOM Analyzer gives businesses a customer view of their products by automatically analyzing online reviews and comments. The system uses Opinion Mining software to quantify customer experience and measure how well it matches their expectations. The system can also draw on e-mails, call transcripts, chats, forums and external competitor data.

The resulting analysis allows companies to understand why consumers chose one product over another, why they chose a competitor’s products and services instead, and what changes would increase customer satisfaction and sales.

The solution is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, enabling companies to get customer insight quickly – without hardware, software installation or lengthy software training.

About Amplified Analytics: Amplified Analytics offers unique online marketing research and marketing intelligence services based on the true voice of the customer. Amplified Analytics automatically transforms customer reviews, call center transcripts, e-mails, chats, and other interactions into insight that drives more sales and better products.


Gregory Yankelovich
Amplified Analytics, Inc.