Bay Area Sewer Repair Plumbers at Bay Area Sewers Are Now Offering Complimentary Oakland Video Sewer Inspections

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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area Sewers has been offering Oakland sewer repair for over 15 years. They are considered by their customers to be the Gold Standard when it comes to sewer repair in Oakland and surrounding areas. As a result of the new private sewer lateral ordinance that recently went into effect Bay Area sewers is now offering free video sewer inspections to people who are faced with obtaining the PSL certificate. Their view point according to Tony of Bay Area Sewers is, “We want everyone who is dealing with an Oakland sewer repair situation to be certain that they need the work that is being recommended. That is why we are offering a free video sewer inspection. It allows us to see the problem clearly and then share it with the homeowner.”

Oakland sewer repair is a very challenging task according to Tony, “We see a lot of situations where there is an old sewer line that is busted or cracked and there is no way it will past the test required by the ordinance. Many companies will charge people for a sewer test, even though they know it will not pass. We do not do that. We will inspect the line and tell people whether or not the sewer line has a chance to pass the test.” In many situations older homes will need Oakland sewer repair because the lines have been exposed to earth movement, roots and other damage according to Tony.

The Oakland private sewer lateral ordinance has significantly changed the number of sewer repair jobs happening in the Bay Area. Every home in Oakland that is being sold has to have a sewer test performed unless it is a condo. Every year there are thousands of homes sold in the Bay Area that require this type of testing in order to close escrow. Oakland sewer repair experts at Bay Area Sewers are experts when it comes to the private sewer lateral ordinance according to Tony, “We have secured more PSL certificates than any other company in the Bay Area. When it comes to sewer repair or trenchless sewer replacement we offer competitive prices, and we will beat any written estimate by at least 10%.”

Tree roots are the main cause of sewer line problems in the Bay Area. According to Tony, many trees were planted around the time home were originally built. “What happens is that trees are planted by landscaping companies after homes are built with consideration to where the sewer line was laid. Unfortunately, in many cases these beautiful trees with large growing root systems are planted directly on top of the sewer line. What happens is that the tree roots seek out the nutrients within the sewer pipe and they actually end up cracking or breaking the pipe as they intrude, which leads to Oakland sewer repair or trenchless sewer replacement being required.” To learn more about Bay Area Sewers or sewer repair in Oakland, California please visit their website, read their informative press releases, watch their plumbing, sewer and drain related videos or read their many Oakland sewer repair reviews.

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