Ben Altadonna Launches New “Chiropractic Marketing Ideas” Blog

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Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — As a growing number of Chiropractors become delinquent in their student loans, dissatisfied with the profession as a whole, and struggle to maintain their lifestyle, more and more are looking outside of the profession for fresh and more elegant ways to market their practices.

As a result, Dr. Ben Altadonna, D.C. has recently committed to doing that for doctors; saving them the expense, time, and hassle of finding out what really works and what doesn’t…and then providing all licensed Doctors of Chiropractic free access to these new and better ways via his blog.

“It’s not news that most Chiropractors and the general public are sick and tired of free spinal exams, free dinner workshops, and evening health care classes…that’s why The Chiropractic Marketing Ideas blog was created; to give my peers free and easy access to new ways of thinking and practicing!” says Altadonna.

The Chiropractic Marketing Ideas blog will provide free daily marketing tips and information that chiropractors can use to build stress free practices and lives.

Dr. Ben Altadonna is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who became sick and tired of typical Chiropractic marketing and after being forced to sleep in his office to survive, decided to test new ways of promoting his practice. His success has made him “the go to guy” for virtually every Chiropractic challenge and opportunity.

Contact: Ben Altadonna 169 East Prospect Ave. Suite B Danville, California 94526 800-795-5221


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