Caroling Cats Spread Holiday Cheer in New Cat Chorus and Opera Cats iPhone Apps

Holiday Songs with Cat Chorus and Opera Cats apps for iPhone & iPod Touch: Available in the Apple App Store for the holidays - kids love it! Cat Chorus link: and Opera Cats link: — by MyMusicalCats on December 1, 2009 to Pets & Animals (97 seconds)

El Cerrito, California (EastBayDaily) — See Here Studios LLC, an independent animation company, launches two iPhone and iPod Touch applications, Cat Chorus and Opera Cats, in their My Musical Cats series featuring charmingly animated singing cats. These singing cats provide perfect holiday entertainment with a built-in song list of carols and children’s favorites.

Cat Chorus features an ensemble of thirteen cartoon cats (a complete octave) that users can touch or sweep to trigger pitched “meows”. Multiple cats can be tapped at the same time to create chords. The Cat Chorus performs a built-in song list including popular tunes (Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Kitty Christmas, For He’s A Jolly Good Feline, and more). A free update of several more carols will be added leading up to the winter holidays.

Opera Cats brings three virtuoso diva cats to the iPhone and iPhone touch. Set on a classic operatic stage, each opera cat is capable of singing several notes which users can touch and hold for as long as they’d like. Users can even make a glass shatter by touching and sustaining the right note. Opera Cats comes with a built-in song list which includes a Bach Cat-Tata, Operatic Cat-astrophy and the Star-Spangled Banner, as well as free updates for additional holiday songs.

Both apps are highly responsive with an easy to use interface. They incorporate professional quality animation and sounds, as well as advanced features like the ability to record, save and email. Users can also play the apps with background music from their iPods.

“It’s a joy to share my love of cats and music in such a whimsical and amusing way,” said Cat Chorus creator Valerie Mih. “The payoff for me comes when I see a child or adult giggling uncontrollably when playing Cat Chorus and Opera Cats.” Mih is an animator who has created work for feature films (“Toy Story II”, “A Bugs Life”), television commercials and software products. She has directed award-winning short films and teaches animated filmmaking. Mih is also a semi-professional jazz pianist with two albums to her credit (“Sacred Sound”, “Meridians”), and can be seen performing at clubs in the San Francisco bay area.

“I’m thrilled to be introducing opera to a whole new generation, of cat lovers,” added Opera Cats creator Wallace E. Keller, “And to bring my illustrations to life on the iPhone.” Keller is an author and illustrator of children’s books (The Wrong Side Of The Bed”, Rizolli International) and educational textbooks (Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin). He has designed national ad campaigns (McDonalds) and created characters for television shows (Nickelodeon). Also a musician, Keller is a singer-songwriter and an accomplished guitarist. The designers’ musical backgrounds shine through in their creative approach to the apps.

Children are naturally drawn to the hilarious animated animals and quirky sound effects in the apps. A review for Cat Chorus exclaims, “My nephews, ages five and eight, absolutely love Cat Chorus. It generated about five minutes of hysterical laughter from the five year old yesterday!”

More than mere entertainment, these apps provide a fun and interactive way for children to learn more about music, as described in another user review: “This app is absolutely purrfect for cat lovers and music lovers alike. Cute and responsive interface, plus the ability to record and share your own compositions works really well. The learning feature has a lot of potential to get kids into music and have fun while doing it.”

Users also appreciate the unusual genre choice of Opera in the series. “…5 stars from me for the art, the interface, the bold idea of introducing opera, and being a generally very cool app to pass the time productively and have fun with music.”

Even cats enjoy the apps, according to another user review: “Watching the confused look on my cat’s face for the first 15 minutes was worth the price of admission…Nice graphics and animation to help learn the notes and chords. Utterly fun!”

For more information about the My Musical Cats app series, please visit the My Musical Cats website at

Pricing and Availability

Cat Chorus and Opera Cats are now available through the Apple App Store at a special introductory price of only $0.99.

About See Here Studios LLC

See Here Studios LLC is an independent animation company located in the San Francisco Bay Area devoted to developing original creative properties. Directors Valerie Mih and Wallace E. Keller, long-time cat lovers, decided to use their 28 years of combined animation industry experience to promote the lovable genre of musical cats. The My Musical Cats app series brings many styles of music and visuals to the iPhone and iPod Touch, beginning with Cat Chorus and Opera Cats.

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