Chevron Refinery Explosion Lawyers Serving Richmond CA Announce Free Settlement and Lawsuit Hotline for People Affected by the Chevron Explosion at the Richmond Refinery

Chevron Refinery Explosion Settlement | Richmond Explosion Lawyers: Chevron refinery lawsuit information is available from the experienced injury lawyers at The Scranton Law Firm. If you live in or around Richmond you may have been effected by the Chevron refinery explosion that took place on Monday, August 6th. Many people were unaware of the dangers because the Contra Costa County system that is in place to warn people after an event like the Richmond Chevron refinery explosion failed. The Chevron refinery explosion lawyers at The Scranton Law Firm are in a unique position to help people because of their over 30 years of experience helping people recover damages after filing personal injury lawsuits. The Scranton Law Firm is currently providing free information to people in and around Richmond California who feel they may have been affected by the Chevron refinery explosion that occurred in Richmond. We are providing help with:Richmond Chevron refinery explosion informationRichmond Chevron refinery explosion lawsuit helpRichmond Chevron refinery explosion settlementsRichmond personal injury lawyersRichmond injury lawsuitsLawsuit and settlement informationThe average victim of the Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond suffers from changes in the way they breathe normally including shortness of breath, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing etc. Richmond is part of Contra Costa County which has a higher than average cancer rate and lung cancer is near the top of the list. For free information on being compensated for the Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond please call us now for free information. — by LawyersBenicia on August 10, 2012 to News & Politics (40 seconds)

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Chevron Explosion Settlement Lawyers at The Scranton Law Firm in Richmond are announcing a free information hotline for lawsuit and settlement information. On Monday August 6th 2012 there was an explosion at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, California and 10’s of thousands of people have likely been affected according Chris of The Scranton Law Firm. “If a person is breathing even a little differently after being exposed to the toxic cloud that floated across the East Bay on Monday they should seek immediate medical attention, they may also want to speak with an experienced attorney who is currently handling lawsuits related to the Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond, we can help.” The Scranton Law Firm has just launched a free information hotline for people who seeking lawsuit or settlement information relating the Chevron explosion in Richmond. The phone number is 1 (800) 400-8742. The number is being provided a way for people in the East Bay to get free lawsuit information so they can understand their rights. “Since launching the new Chevron refinery explosion lawsuit settlement information hotline we have received numerous calls from people in the Richmond area who were exposed to the toxic plum caused by the refinery explosion,” says Chris.

According the San Francisco Chronicle many of the people affected by the toxic cloud caused by the Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond are suffering respiratory problems like a scratchy throat, sore throat, cough, labored breathing, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. The San Francisco Chronicle also reports that there was a 20 minute delay between the time witnesses heard the Chevron refinery explosion and the time local residents were ordered into their homes. Though nobody was killed, respiratory problems can become serious and the long term effects of breathing toxic smoke are yet to be determined. “People who live in Richmond or the surrounding area were exposed to toxic carcinogens when the Chevron explosion sent chemicals into the air supply. We are offering the new information hotline to help educate people about their options if they are considering filing a lawsuit against Chevron or who are seeking settlements or monetary compensation for their injuries.

To learn more about The Scranton Law Firm or to find out more information about the Chevron refinery explosion lawsuit and settlement hotline give them a call today at 1 (800) 400-8742.

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