Children’s Book Deals with the Tough Issue of Dog Fighting

Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog by Lita Eitner-England - 60 sec: Lita Eitner-England's first children's novel about Bulldogs takes place in England during the 1830's. Taken away from an ideal life on the Duke of Chathamworthshire's estate, Bullmina is forced to breed champions for the greedy Fortie Billingsley. When Fortie's head trainer, Andrew Cameron is ordered to kill the Bulldog, he makes a heart-wrenching decision and sets her free. Abandoned in London, Bullmina learns to live by her instincts. Bloody and near death, she is rescued by eleven-year old Lisette St. Germaine. Lisette falls in love with Bullmina only to have her heart broken when Bullmina is stolen by greedy thieves and forced to fight in the dogfight pits. Bullmina's triumph becomes the triumph of dogs everywhere because they will never be forced to fight in the dogfight pits again.  With rich, complex characters, Eitner-England paints a realistic picture of the miserable conditions dogs had to endure. The book is also about the decisions people make and the consequences of those decisions. Realizing that owning a dog can be expensive and time-consuming, Eitner-England has included a section at the end of the book with thoughtful questions about ownership and rescue should any of her readers decide to rescue a dog themselves.Order Now Link: — by IndiePubAuthorHouse on November 20, 2012 to People & Blogs (61 seconds)

Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — “They’re our four-legged adopted children, and they change our lives in so many ways,” says Lita Eitner-England, author of the children’s book “Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue” (published by AuthorHouse), the second in a book series featuring Bullmina the bulldog. With this emotionally-charged story, she hopes to awaken readers to the urgency of working to put dog fighting to an end.

When Lady Evelyn Waverly opens a no-kill rescue shelter to rehabilitate dogs from the illegal dogfight pits, she jeopardizes more than just her marriage to the Duke. Taking in Lisette and wounded young Matthew, Lady Evelyn infuriates her arrogant niece, Beatrice. Trevor, the gifted young trainer, thinks Evelyn has gone too far when she rescues Bullmina’s former rival, the undefeated pit bull, Cassius. Chaos soon erupts, and the rescuers become the rescued when the courage of one aging bulldog changes everyone’s life forever.

“As well as telling a great, heartwarming dog story, I have actually included a couple of real-life dog-rescue stories at the end of the book, just like I did with the first book,” explains Eitner-England. “And I’ve also included a wonderful interview with animal rights advocate, Jennifer Thomas, who educates people about dog breeds that have bad reputations.

Eitner-England is disturbed that, even though it has been illegal for nearly 200 years, dog fighting still exists today, pointing to high-profile cases such as that of NFL quarterback Michael Vick as evidence.

Eitner-England does everything she can to help dogs, and she hopes “Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue” inspires others to do the same.

About the Author Lita Eitner-England, founder of The Bullmina Foundation, holds degrees in sociology, television and film from San Jose State University, which she uses to help her research, pace and substantiate her writing. Eitner-England is an advocate for dog rescue organizations, especially those rescuing bulldogs like her own, Tiffy, who served as the inspiration for “Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue.”

Eitner-England will donate proceeds from the sale of “Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue” to dog rescue organizations throughout the country.

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