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Try It Button: http://www.cojoymedia.com isA mobile shopping tool to discover and try on products with a selfieTry It button iswebsite plug-in for users to discover and try on products with a selfie using Showcasz. — by Grace Tang on May 3, 2014 to Science & Technology (122 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Cojoy Media, the pioneering mCommerce technology provider, has released the Showcasz Try It button. The new feature serves as an easy plug-in for any retail website to help shoppers virtually try on products while browsing on Android phones and tablets, using Cojoy Media’s proprietary fast mobile try on technology.

Four out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop (Source: comScore). Because of this, installing the Try It button can be one of the easiest and most important things any company can do to help people make choices when shopping online using smartphones and tablets. The Try It button and Showcasz mobile technology make it super simple for people to browse, try on, save, share, and purchase items they find on a website.

When a shopper clicks the Try It button, it opens and displays the corresponding mobile try on digital catalog through Showcasz apps. The apps let the shopper take a picture using the device’s camera and virtually try on the products by placing the product’s image within the shopper’s own photos of the room to be furnished or on photos of the shopper. When a shopper is ready to make a purchase, a single click on the Buy Now button brings them back to the retailer’s site to complete the purchase. This feature is proven to be a major benefit to vendors, from bloggers to designers to artists, as shoppers are more likely to purchase an item when they can visualize how the product will function in their private setting. Showcasz apps also feature the Pin It button from Pinterest and other various social media sharing methods, so that the shopper can easily share photos of try ons with friends and family for feedback. This aspect of sharing also helps bring more visitors to that specific website.

The Try It button is super easy to integrate. The site owners just copy and paste two lines of HTML code into the website page. To get their mobile ready digital catalogs, retailers sign up for Showcasz on Cojoy Media’s website, enter their orders for the catalogs, and Cojoy Media will handle the setup and mobile delivery for these catalogs.

“We are glad to add value for our customers, bridging the gap between eCommerce and mCommerce.” said Grace Tang, Cojoy Media’s Founder and CEO. “When shoppers see more, try more, they buy more. The Try It button helps retailers improve conversion rates and provide personalized mobile shopping with ease.”

Cojoy Media is currently running a great promotion for $1 per product, per month for the mobile try on digital catalogs, providing a great opportunity for websites to integrate the Try It button.

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