Comprehensive Precision Manufacturing Partner, Peridot Corp., Completes the Work of 12 Manufacturers

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Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Peridot Corp. recently completed a design-to-distribution project that should have required at least a dozen contractors, demonstrating the value of a one-stop production partner.

An established medical device company, and long-time Peridot client, recently acquired a start-up whose cardiovascular clip posted very promising clinical results. A complex delivery and implant training model for surgeons who were considering the use of the clip had been developed on a limited scale, and garnered positive feedback from surgeons considering the clip implant. However, production of the training model would need to be scaled up to meet increased demands.

For the project, Peridot was provided with a 50-piece, nine-year-old surgical training model assembly, which included incomplete and often untoleranced parts and poorly organized drawings from the customer’s former contract manufacturer.

In the face of a pile of ill-fitting parts and imprecise measurements, Peridot began by organizing the entire assembly into a sensible bill of materials. The team then produced 3D CAD files and manufacturing drawings with the appropriate scales and delivered a budget-conscious quote for production. Prior to the final order placement, Peridot offered several design simplifications and modern-day manufacturing recommendations that were implemented in the final design.

“The recommendations were a result of our team’s in-depth experience in this field,” said Patrick Pickerell, president of Peridot Corp., “resulting in significant savings in both manufacturing time and bottom line costs.”

Individual parts were manufactured using a wide range of diverse machines including: vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines, multi-axis turning centers, CNC Swiss screws machines, various types of laser cutters and welders, and CNC spring coilers. The assembly also included CNC machined camera and light housings, mounting blocks, wiring, crimped connectors, soldered connections, multi-pin locking connectors and heat-shrunk tubing. The models were assembled in Peridot's ISO 13485 Class 10K clean room facility.

Peridot delivered a complete run of 50 training models from start to finish. In addition to the engineering, manufacturing and assembly, Peridot is providing warehousing, distribution, refurbishment and logistics support. Peridot’s commitment to collaboration, advanced technology, and expertise in the field sets them apart from other precision manufacturers.

“For most manufacturers with a few areas of expertise, this job would have required roughly a dozen or so sub-contractors, complicating the process and skyrocketing costs,” said Pickerell. “By eliminating extra links in the supply chain, we were able to devote additional resources to design and consultation, and still pass along cost savings to our client.”

Thrilled with the results of the first run, the client is seeking to further improve the product and ramp up production once again.

To learn more about this and other Peridot projects, visit the Peridot blog.

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