Creating a Successful Business, One Completed Project at a Time: Live Webinar from Smart Simple Marketing


How to Finish What You Start & Achieve Your Goals: — by Sydni Craig-Hart on January 5, 2013 to Education (179 seconds)

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Marketing coach and consultant, Sydni Craig-Hart, will hold a complimentary webinar to help small and solo business owners to bring their great ideas into reality. In “How to Finish What You Start and Achieve Your Goals!” attendees will receive thirty minutes of specific, actionable information that they can use to kick-start their business and achieve more success in 2013.

This training event is ideal for owners who have excellent ideas but never find the time to complete their projects. It will offer insights into eight keys that Sydni has used in her own business, and with her coaching clients. Participants will learn essential skills to stay focused, complete important projects and create more money in their business. The live session is targeted at solving a common problem for many entrepreneurs: not completing what they start. It will answer questions like, “How do I find the time in my already busy schedule to see my projects through?” and “How do I stay organized without being overwhelmed?”

The webinar will take place on January 17, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific) / 12:00 p.m. (Eastern). Interested small business owners who want to take action on their most pressing project are encouraged to register for the event at

In this training, Sydni Craig-Hart will cover eight keys to planning, executing, completing and celebrating a project. By learning these skills, participants will be able to stay focused and take action on any project that will help move their business toward more profitability.

“I’m excited to offer this live webinar training because so many business owners are full of great ideas, but don’t know how to plan and complete projects. The business owners I work with are never short on ideas. However, they often launch into projects and get overwhelmed, distracted or discouraged by obstacles. They end up with multiple projects in various states of completion, and don’t enjoy the success they set out to achieve. With this training, they’ll be able to get the step by step process that they can use to see projects through to completion,” said Sydni, “Attendees will come away with the motivation and proven processes they need in order to gain clarity, get focused and complete the projects that will make the difference in their profits.

This training includes:     Getting clear on what business success means to you. Discovering your version of a successful business will help you make specific changes and complete projects.     Defining the goals that need to be accomplished in order to support your vision – and selecting just one goal to work on first.     Breaking down goals into a specific time frame so you can work through your project from start to finish.     Discovering the resources you need to complete the project – from training to software to staff.     Developing a well-defined list of action steps so you know exactly what needs to be completed and when.     Create a specific schedule so you know exactly how long each step in your plan will take.     Develop a process for staying accountable and on track so you can see the project through to completion.     How to motivate yourself through celebration!

In addition to this actionable, helpful information, participants will also have an opportunity to sign up for the COMPLETE IT program at a discounted rate – this virtual WORKshop includes six weeks of focused, in-depth work on one important project with expert guidance.

In this webinar and the COMPLETE IT program, Sydni draws on her professional experience as owner of three successful businesses, and her years of work helping small business owners achieve the profitable, life-style focused businesses they want.

Interested participants can register for free at

About Sydni Craig-Hart

Sydni Craig-Hart, expert marketing mentor and consultant, supports service professionals in creating a more profitable and successful small business. Known as “The Smart Simple Marketing Mentor,” Sydni uses a results-focused, “how to” approach in implementing simple and customized strategies so clients realize their professional and personal dreams. She has worked with hundreds of clients in over 50 different industries to help them attract more clients, develop multiple streams of income, discover untapped profit centers, gain national recognition, and create profitable businesses in which they enjoy the lifestyles they choose.

By teaching specific “how to” steps that implement a successful strategy, Sydni eliminates marketing overwhelm and helps clients break down difficult projects into simple tasks that get results. Sydni offers a starter kit entitled "5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom" for solo professionals at her website –


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