Evolphin Software Unveils Zoom, its Revolutionary Product for Digital Asset Versioning and Workflow Management

Evolphin Zoom Overview (Watch this First): Once upon a time, before Zoom was born..Team members used email, shared folders or traditional version control systems to manage digital assets. Performance was slow; disk usage exploded & networks were clogged. No quick previews of stored assets were available. Changing asset names or reorganizing project folders led to bizarre conflicts. Non-existent review-approval workflows meant chaos reigned supreme.All of this changes now!Presenting Zoom by Evolphin Software: THE fastest and smartest asset versioning and workflow system on the planet today — by evolphin on July 2, 2010 to Science & Technology (138 seconds)

Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — Evolphin Software announced today the commercial availability of its break-through Zoom product for Digital Asset Version and Workflow Management to help creative professionals, software developers and enterprise buyers manage versions of their digital assets.

“Designers, creative professionals, software developers and large companies employing them are being deluged by binary and text based digital assets. Existing solutions just don’t offer the performance and feature set, the current generation of professionals need,” said Rahul Bhargava, President and CEO of Evolphin Software.

Digital assets are valuable files that need to be stored securely. During their creative process, graphic designers and software developers routinely create multiple revisions of the same file. Evolphin Zoom’s Asset Versioning allows users to visually time-travel between these versions, automate the approval workflow for digital asset versions in real-time.

“The design and development landscape has changed significantly in the past decade, whether you are a game developer or a graphic designer, you are working with large binary assets as well as smaller text files. Modern digital asset versioning systems like Zoom are optimized for both binary and text assets. Creative professionals and software developers need a solution like Zoom that is up to 50 times faster than existing systems, while delivering almost 2000 times disk storage reduction. Return on investment for businesses is guaranteed in days not months.” said Rahul Bhargava, President and CEO of Evolphin Software.

Evolphin recognizes that hardware platforms have seen phenomenal advances in the past decade. Unfortunately, software tools have not kept up. Evolphin’s international research team has worked incessantly for the past three years to address these gaps, resulting in several breakthroughs:

Speed: Stores digital assets up to 50 times faster than the competition Storage: Reduces storage required by up to 2000 times Network: Reduces network bandwidth needed for large assets by up to 2000 times Hardware: Software architecture that takes advantage of today’s multi-core processors Workflow: Incorporates latest insights in User Interface design to offer a Visual Workflow manager Reporting: Offers trend analysis, star performer tracking, time-sheets and real-time activity reports

“Adobe discontinued their Version Cue product when they announced CS5. That created a huge void for users trying to version Adobe digital assets. Zoom came as a life saver. Not only is it more versatile in terms of features, the performance is way faster. We looked at Subversion, GIT but they just didn’t cut it for us. Our team has been pleased with Zoom’s integration with graphical tools. It has plug-ins for Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, AutoDesk Maya and other tools that ensures we don’t have to switch context to version our files.”, said a game animation guru at a major studio in L.A.

Evolphin Zoom has been benchmarked as the fastest visual asset versioning and workflow software on the planet. Zoom makes it a cinch to instantly store, version, track, secure, review, approve, search, and, preview, a continuously increasing number of digital assets & their revisions, be it images, videos, documents, source code, Flash, 3D models, Adobe, Autodesk files, etc.

About Evolphin

Founded in early 2007 by luminaries from Silicon Valley, Evolphin’s mission is to build software tools to dramatically boost the productivity of designers and developers alike. Evolphin’s flagship product, Zoom, revolutionizes the digital asset versioning and workflow space with its patent-pending technology, resulting in dramatic performance gains, ease of use and deployment. Evolphin is pioneering a slick, visually intuitive, cross-platform interface to manage asset workflows and versions. Evolphin is privately funded by prominent Silicon Valley angel investors.

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