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Pleasant Hill, California (EastBayDaily) — Senior Living Solutions, the Internet's most comprehensive guide to assisted living, recently launched their enhanced website complete with easy-to-navigate pages that have been re-designed to provide detailed information on senior assisted living as well as a resource to help users locate senior living options in their own area. With its in-depth explanations of a variety of different assisted living and retirement options, streaming videos, pictures, personal testimonials, Senior Living Solutions makes it easy to understand the many options available and to find an assisted living or a retirement solution that fits.

With more than 20 years experience serving retirees in the San Francisco Bay area, the Senior Living Solutions team is now making it even easier for people around the country to locate quality, affordable assisted living options in their local area. With new wide-ranging search tools, Senior Living Solutions 2.0 allows users to pinpoint Alzheimer's care, Home Care, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities around the nation.

The new site conveniently breaks down terminology and phrases, allowing users to more accurately determine their assisted living needs. What is the difference between assisted living and independent living? Can I still live independently in a retirement community? What can I expect from a home care provider? Senior Living Solutions address all of these questions and more on their improved, more user-friendly topic pages, aptly titled 'Assisted Living,' 'Alzheimer's Care,' 'Retirement Communities,' 'Home Care.'

At Senior Living Solutions, it's all about electing an assisted living arrangement that fits. Not every senior has the same needs or requirements, which is why the new helps you find an array of senior care alternatives — from dietary assistance to medical reminders, Alzheimer's care to diabetes management, and more.

For an even more personal touch, Senior Living Solutions retirement counselors are available to answer any questions that may arise in the course of your search for a suitable assisted living or retirement solution. When it comes to retirement done correctly, the experienced Senior Living Solutions team has over two decades of practice and knowledge, which have resulted in The Chateau Pleasant Hill — one of the most respected and sought-after assisted living facilities in the San Francisco bay area. With a focus on great tasting, healthy meals, endless extracurricular activities, live entertainment and an all day dining program, The Chateau is a unique assisted living community fashioned specifically to maximize life's Golden Years. And now, thanks to Senior Living Solutions, people from all over the nation can see the inner workings of a well-run retirement community, understand the options and possibilities the industry offers, and receive help finding the best living option in their own area.

To help you get started, Senior Living Solutions has a FREE REPORT "35 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Community." With all the different levels of options, terms and types, it's good to know what to look for and what questions to ask before making a commitment.

To learn more about senior living, retirement, assisted living, and Alzheimer's care options, please visit or call 877-468-9773. Experienced retirement counselors are available to take your call.

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