Firespotter Labs Launches ÜberConference Pro, Basic/Free Service Now out of Beta

Introducing ÜberConference Pro: www.uberconference.comFeaturing:Outbound DialingWhen you start a conference, the system calls out to all your participantsCall RecodingYou can record conferences and play them back later. MP3 download as wellIncreased Conference SizeYour conference size is increased to a maximum of 40 participantsChoose a Local NumberThe conference uses a local area code that you specify for the dial in numberRecurring ConferencesEasily schedule conferences to occur every week or every month.Custom Hold MusicUpload any MP3 of your choosing to use as the hold music used for your conferences — by firespotterlabs on September 6, 2012 to Science & Technology (67 seconds)

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Firespotter Labs today announced the availability of ÜberConference Pro, the premium version of its free conference calling service. Additionally, ÜberConference Free, the free visual conference calling service that launched in private beta this past May, has come out of private beta and is now available without restriction at

ÜberConference, the TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012 Winner, solves the most common problems faced in teleconferencing including making a conference easy to join, knowing who is on the conference call and knowing who is speaking at any time. Radically changing audio conferencing with its visual interface, recording capabilities, social caller information, and integration with Evernote, ÜberConference makes advanced features easy to use.

“With ÜberConference Pro we give you control over your conference calls with a powerful feature set unlike any other conference calling service in the world,” said Craig Walker, CEO and co-founder of Firespotter Labs. “The functionality and ease-of-use of ÜberConference Pro adds a new dimension to the teleconferencing experience.”

With the release of ÜberConference Pro, the feature set expands significantly to include:     Local phone numbers in virtually every area code.     Recurring conference calls easily scheduled for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calls.     Outbound dialing if chosen will automatically dial the organizer and participants to join.     Increased teleconference size to 40 participants.     Removal of “this free conference call is provided by…” messaging at the start of every call.     Uploading MP3s to customize hold music.     Conference call recording with MP3's available and saved as part of the call summary.

ÜberConference Pro features are in addition to those included in ÜberConference Free:     Visual interface to see who’s on the call and who’s talking at any given moment through ÜberConference’s dashboard.     Social caller information shares public information about a call’s participants from social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.     Evernote integration stores call summaries (date, time, call duration, participants, who talked the most/least, a link to the call recording and the chat transcript) to Evernote notebooks for greater organization and easy access.     Easy muting of callers with the click of a button.     Earmuffs can be placed on those who shouldn’t be privy to sidebar conversations.     Quickly inviting additional participants to a conference call with the click of a button.     No PIN needed. Anyone in the organizer's address book will be automatically recognized by their caller ID and won’t need to enter a PIN to join the call.     Group chat in the right-hand column for all to see. Chat transcripts are saved as part of the call summary.

About Firespotter Labs Launched in 2011, Firespotter Labs is a start-up founded by serial entrepreneur Craig Walker, focusing on making complex telephony products easy to use. With over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur in the emerging telephony space, Walker was CEO of Dialpad Communications, (acquired by Yahoo!, now Yahoo! Voice), and later co-founder and CEO of GrandCentral Communications (acquired by Google, now Google Voice). [AR5] Products in the Firespotter family include ÜberConference, Nosh, NoshList, and Jotly. Firespotter Labs is funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. To learn more about Firespotter please visit


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