First Ever Google-Powered Social Networking Application That Allows Businesses to Send Out a Direct Message to Anyone That Gets Within 200 Feet of Their Establishment

Jiveocity: Jiveocity is the very first interactive, location based, social networking application where our users can view and interact with each other at any physical location. — by Jiveocity on June 27, 2014 to People & Blogs (241 seconds)

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Available now, the Jiveocity Mobile Application offers business owners the option to reach a new group of potential customers whilst giving mobile users the opportunity to fully interact with one another at any physical location.

Jiveocity for Business: View everyone at the establishment Contact any users within 200 feet of establishment Build and customize their Jiveocity page Upload photos, videos & coupons Live chat with their customers via the Jive chat room Broadcast their live cam to everyone Keep customers in their store longer

Jiveocity for Consumers: See who's in the building with them Send messages, greetings & friend requests Join in chat room for any location Make themselves invisible Favorite locations Join friends' locations

One of Jiveocity’s Main Features: If a user simply "walks by" an establishment, (coffee shop, restaurant, bar, retailer, etc.), they will receive the business owner's "Special Offer Message", in turn, attracting and possibly gaining another customer.

Thomas Hines (Product Development) has said, “We are excited to offer both consumers and businesses a method of networking that will change the world!”

Jiveocity is quickly gaining traction and awareness while both connecting users and business owners. The Jiveocity mobile app is currently available for download on both iTunes and Google Play for free.

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