First Flip Flops With Heat Chambers in the Soles

Archport Yogi Stash: Visit today to order the new YogiStash Sandal! The only sandal with compartments in the soles! — by Matt Potts on July 21, 2010 to Travel & Events (33 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Summer is ending, and it’s almost time to put away the flip flops …or is it? Consumers still enjoying the comfort and casual wear of summer can extend their sandal wear for a little more time by purchasing a pair of the latest ArchPort TM flip flops, with chambers large enough to hold heat warmers to keep the soles warm. ArchPort TM is shipping warmers with each pair of flip flops purchased before October 1st.

ArchPort TM sandals are the only sandals with compartments in the soles. The sole of each sandal contains an open chamber in the arch region, with a hook and loop closure to secure items. The warmers are placed directly into the chambers inside the soles, creating a ‘heat chamber effect’ which resonates heat throughout the sandal sole.

While summer may be ending, consumers can still wear flip flops for awhile. The flip flop warmers are a nice solution for cool evenings, when consumers want to keep their flip flops on. And with the holidays around the corner, it won’t be long until vacationers need a nice pair of sandals for a tropical vacation… so why not a pair of ArchPort multi-functioning sandals?

ArchPort TM sandals can only be purchased online at or Learn more about the sandals on the Company site,

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Inventor Matt Potts was recently featured in the business section of the Oakland Tribune (July 21,2010), and his sandals have been featured on Good Morning America, in Maxim Magazine, AAA Via Magazine and other network shows, magazines and newspapers articles. An ArchPort TM product was also winner of Invent Now America in 2004. Inventor Matt Potts was twice featured in Inventors Digest Magazine.

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