FotoFlexer Adds New, Powerful Features to the World’s Most Advanced Web-Based Image Editing Solution

FotoFlexer Smart Resize Demo: FotoFlexer brings advanced seam carving to everyone with Smart Resize. Cut people out of images and resize photos with no distortion. It's just one of the many new features in FotoFlexer. — by Heston Liebowitz on October 4, 2007 to Howto & Style (217 seconds)

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — FotoFlexer, the world’s most advanced Web-based image editing solution, today announced a bevy of new features that let users do more with their images than any other online editing site – and in some cases, even more than can be accomplished with desktop photo editing software like Photoshop. And, unlike Web-based photo editing sites that charge their users a premium to access the most useful and powerful features, FotoFlexer continues to provide more features — and more advanced features — while remaining completely free for all users.

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So, What’s New? FotoFlexer already provides users with the most total features, the most powerful features, and the most features that are completely unique to FotoFlexer. And today FotoFlexer is extending its functionality with many new features, including three new patent-pending technologies:     Morph – The ability to automatically morph any two pictures into one.     Smart Resize – The ability to remove unwanted/ unnecessary portions of images, while maintaining and resizing the image to retain the important parts without distorting them.     Insert-A-Face – The ability to easily position and color-match a photo to a pre-designed template. For example, putting your face on Paris Hilton’s body, or that of a gorilla.

Unlike any other online image editing system, the FotoFlexer editing solution is based on patent-pending Predictive Pixel Partitioning (P³) technology. This artificial intelligence (AI) technology is at the core of FotoFlexer’s industry-leading five patent-pending technologies.

Each of these new features are an expansion of FotoFlexer’s action-based editing system – the ability to easily and intuitively accomplish exactly the effect you want in less time than any other editing system. As opposed to basic Web-based photo editing products that merely emulate the basic features of desktop photo editing products, FotoFlexer’s patent-pending P³ technology enables users to do more with their images, do it better, and do it with fewer mouse clicks.

Not Just Best on the Web Anymore FotoFlexer is moving beyond being just the highest-performance online image editing solution, and is expanding the number of features that are completely unique to FotoFlexer. As Photoshop prepares to introduce a basic online image editing suite, FotoFlexer is announcing a bevy of new features that catapult them beyond any other online editing system.

FotoFlexer has always enabled users to accomplish the editing tasks they wanted with far fewer clicks and with far more ease than Photoshop. Today, with these extended features, FotoFlexer expands the amount of tools that are not even available in Photoshop’s desktop software – including the Morph, Smart Resize and Scenes features.

Wait… It’s More Powerful, and Still Free?! Absolutely. Unlike other online image editing sites that charge users a premium to utilize some features, FotoFlexer offers more features – and more advanced features – completely free of charge. Some online image editing tools have introduced “Premium” packages and have begun charging their users for their most-used and most sophisticated tools. At FotoFlexer, not only do we offer more tools, but we offer far more complex and advanced features than other online image editing system.

So, rather than charging our users a premium for the tools they use most, FotoFlexer will continue to offer these tools – as well as unique tools not available anywhere else – absolutely free of charge for all users.

Between its superior editing capabilities, its superior integration, and the FotoFlexer API (announced last month) – FotoFlexer could become the de facto image editing solution for the Web. We will continue to offer everyone free, open access to this powerful solution.

What Can I Edit? FotoFlexer gives users the most flexibility of any image editing system, enabling them to edit their digital photos, online images and even apply real-time Webcam effects. FotoFlexer seamlessly integrates with Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Photobucket, Picassa and Yahoo! Search, making editing images from and within these sites easier and more productive than ever. So, wherever your images reside, FotoFlexer enables you to edit, personalize and express yourself through them.

Talk to Us. We hope you’re having a great time flexing your images, and we hope you like these new features. In fact, many of the features we offer are based directly on the feedback we get from you. So please, continue to let us know what you love best, what you’d love to see next, and what you think we can be doing better. If you want the inside scoop on what we’re up to, and want to give us some feedback, join us on our blog.

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