Gleanster Research Provides Advanced Tools for Technology Buyers with CheatSheets and Personalized Content Recommendations

What is Marketing Automation?: Researching an investment in marketing automation? If you don't have a day and a half to research online, this CheatSheet is a great place to start. You'll get the low-down on the technology, how it's different from your existing tools like Email Marketing, and how to justify the investment.You'll learn:- What marketing automation is- How marketing automation works- Definitions of common jargon and acronyms associated with marketing automation- Common out-of-the-box features in marketing automation tools- How to justify investments in marketing automation- How much marketing automation tools cost- Essential pre-purchase tips and tricks to maximize an investment in marketing automation — by Gleanster Research Youtube Channel on March 24, 2014 to Science & Technology (57 seconds)

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Gleanster Research is pleased to announce the publication of hundreds of business CheatSheets for business professionals to quickly learn about emerging business tactics and technologies.

Gleanster is the world's largest online library providing complimentary IT Market Research and vendor solutions aimed at helping business professionals make informed decisions when researching technologies. CheatSheets enable business professionals to absorb a quick and consumable overview of a key concept or technology and make profitable decisions. As Ian Michiels, CEO at Gleanster Research, explains “Our community, of 15,000+ business professionals loves getting access to the best practices we benchmark in our surveys, but they are overwhelmed by inconsistencies in technology jargon between analysts, consultants, vendors, and bloggers. Our analysts were spending an inordinate amount of time coaching senior leaders about technologies and emerging concepts. So we decided to offer a self-service educational tool in the form of CheatSheets.”

Gleanster published 75 easy to consume CheatSheets in the April launch, with hundreds more in production. “We’re trying to cut through the technical mumbo-jumbo to the heart of the matter on difficult to define business jargon – what does this concept or technology do for me and my business? How would you explain it to your grandmother?” said Michiels.

Today, there are two types of CheatSheets on “Concept” and “Technology”. Concept CheatSheets define business concepts, the impact on business goals, and the related technologies that power the concept (examples include inbound marketing, influence marketing, and social media ROI). Technology CheatSheets cover the 150 different technology industries that Gleanster covers. They include common features and functions, ways to justify investments, metrics that measure success, what to expect on pricing, and key considerations before an investment (examples include marketing automation, sales enablement, and gamification). “It’s not about creating another stupid acronym or a unique definition for these terms, it’s about helping our readers filter out the noise online, quickly.”

In addition to unveiling CheatSheets, Gleanster launched a new faceted search with role-based access to the research library. “This will give our community access to highly relevant content that is personalized to their job role. Readers will enjoy recommendations on new and emerging technologies, informed by Top Performing best practices. We hope Gleanster becomes a platform for career advancement for our community. If, for example, you are in Brand Marketing, there’s a subset of content on that is truly relevant to you.”

About Gleanster Gleanster is a new breed of market research and advisory firm. Its reports highlight the experiences of Top Performing organizations; why they invest in technology, how they overcome challenges, and how they maximize the return on their investments. Gleanster also maintains a directory of solution showcases featuring +3000 technology offerings organized by intuitive topic areas. For more information, please visit


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