Good Deeds Earn California Company, Turman Commercial Painters, Philanthropy Award

Giving: Turman, Washington and Oregon Commercial Painters give $15,000 to local families and organizations across the country giving hope and courage to those who need it the most. — by Turman Commercial Painters on January 6, 2014 to People & Blogs (201 seconds)

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — “Doing the Right Thing” is more than just a saying at Turman Commercial Painters ( The company and its employees helped a family of 6 who lost everything in a house fire, bought bikes for 6 foster teens, participated in a blood drive for a 2 year old fighting cancer and helped scores of other individuals and organizations across the country last year. The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce recently recognized the organization’s good works by giving the company the Business Philanthropy Award during its 51st Community Service Awards banquet.

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Community Service Awards recognize deserving individuals, groups and businesses who have demonstrated excellence and community leadership in business, volunteer activities and achievement within the Pleasanton community. The Philanthropy Award was presented to Turman Commercial Painters’ President and CEO, Dave Theobald, for the company’s philanthropic service beyond the scope of normal business activity. “We are deeply grateful the Chamber of Commerce recognized the efforts of our company and employees to help our communities. We hope our efforts will inspire other companies to increase their support to local communities,” said Theobald.

Turman Commercial Painters is no stranger to good works. The company supports numerous organizations locally and nationally: Operation Military Embrace – providing support to veterans, Shepard’s Gate – a home for battered women, Doctors Without Borders among others (see a 3 minute video of the people helped by Turman Commercial Painters' 2013 good deeds at The organization utilized unique programs for their employees to carry out giving in their community. In prior years for the holidays, the company handed out packets of money to employees asking them to “pay it forward” and use the money to help others less fortunate in the community. Turman Commercial Painters created The People’s Stimulus, a grass roots campaign to stimulate local economies by giving employees envelopes of eye catching, $2 bills to spend at local businesses. “We feel putting our employees in a position to help others gives them perspective about their situation and has the added benefit of helping others,” says Theobald.

Large commercial painting projects are Turman Commercial Painters’ main business. As the Philanthropy Award from the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce recognizes – a company “doing the right thing” by supporting local communities and helping others, is also, a winner.


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