Graphic Designer GMUNK Presents at Ex’pression College’s Ex’pert Series

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Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Bradley G. Munkowitz (aka GMUNK), a prominent design director and graphic designer, was a featured presenter at Ex’pression College’s Ex’pert Series on Friday, August 8. The event took place at Ex’pression’s Emeryville campus.

Munkowitz has more than a decade of experience in the motion graphics industry. He’s a key figure in the global design community, and has given over 50 lectures at leading industry events around the world about his process and experiences. He designed UI and holographic sequences for the feature films "Tron: Legacy" and "Oblivion", and has collaborated with international brands including Fox, Starz, HBO, Adidas, Bacardi, Asus, Burger King, Sony, Hyundai, Cheetos, and Spike via his work at Imaginary Forces, Buck, Prologue Films, Transistor Studios, and Bot & Dolly. Munkowitz’s work has been characterized as a hybrid of science fiction themes informed by a psychedelic visual palette.

“We’re thrilled that GMUNK shared his thoughts, ideas, and perspectives with our graphic design students,” says Ex’pression College Program Director, Graphic Design & Motion Scott Hess. “The two mottos that unite his work are ‘the next project that you do must be your best work’ and ‘give it lots of love’. Those crucial pieces of insight will give our students powerful inspiration in their careers, and will also give them a competitive edge as they begin their job searches once they graduate from Ex’pression.”

GMUNK spent over two hours presenting to and speaking with over 100 Ex’pression students, faculty, and alumni. When asked about any advice that he could offer to graduates to help guide them in their post-Ex'pression pursuits, he recommended that they “find the one thing that lights you up inside, and you'll never work a day in your life.”

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