Hula Networks Capitalizes On The Runaway Success of Its Viral Marketing Campaign With Action Sports Superhero, Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson and Hula Networks Demolition Derby - Die Another Day!: — by hulanetworks on August 29, 2011 to Sports (420 seconds)

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Hula Networks, Inc., a Silicon Valley based information technology reseller, announced today the release of the latest installment in their viral marketing collaboration with action sports superhero, Mike Wilson. Doubling down on the massive viral success of their previous “Going Big with Mike Wilson” video, Hula Networks has just released the next smash in the series: “Mike Wilson and Hula Networks Demolition Derby – Die Another Day!” And by smash, they mean crash, and by crash, they mean crushing the competition at the 12th annual CIOMA Destruction Derby in Firebaugh, CA.

Hula Networks knew they were on the right track with their marketing campaign when their first collaboration with Mike Wilson and Shreddy Times, “Mike Wilson Quadruple Backflips a 99 Foot Rope Swing” racked up over a million hits in the first two months. In no time, star makers and celebrities were taking notice. Ashton Kutcher tweeted about the video to his 6 million fans. Clips were featured on the Carson Daly Show and CNBC. After cracking the Top Ten list on Best of Youtube, the “Going Big” viral campaign has absolutely Gone Big, picking up exposure in print, online, and on TV via the likes of CNN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and ESPN.

How? Hula Networks has cracked the secret to a successful viral campaign. It’s not about researching a demographic and figuring out what the survey says is “cool” nor test-marketing “cool.” It’s about simply being cool. It’s about going big and living it.

“Mike Wilson and Hula Networks Demolition Derby – Die Another Day!” finds Hula Networks and Mike Wilson at it again: this time in the car crunching world of demolition derbies! To celebrate Mike Wilson’s 25th birthday, he and Hula Networks President Joe Commendatore, backed by Hula Networks, TelePacific, Barracuda Networks, and Aegis Insurance Markets, enrolled their custom vehicle, a 1974 Cadillac, into the 12th annual CIOMA Destruction Derby in Firebaugh, CA.

The Destruction Derby is strictly a last man standing competition. Dozens of cars enter the crash arena, but very soon all that remains is a few broken tons of burning wreckage- and one lone vehicle still rolling.

To beautifully capture the bone rattling carnage, Hula Networks partnered with the highly accredited cinematic team at Hover Effect. Devin Hedrick and Michael Jacobson utilized high-resolution aerial photography and their state-of-the-art post-production facility to make this “Going Big” installment bigger and badder than the last.

At the end of the day, was that last roller in the arena sporting a Hula Networks logo? Mike Wilson and Joe Commendatore might have started the day seen as chump rookies, but they brought something into that arena no one was expecting: “the will to go big and the heart to pull it off,” said Commendatore. Hula Networks and Mike Wilson have another trophy for the shelf, and the world is about to hear all about it. Again.

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