Hula Networks Partners with Action Sports Superhero Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson Quadruple Backflips a 99 Foot Rope Swing - Going Big (Official video): — by hulanetworks on November 29, 2010 to Sports (217 seconds)

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Hula Networks, Inc., a Silicon Valley based information technology reseller, announced today that they have partnered with Mike Wilson, an action sports superhero based in Squaw Valley, California to develop an online advertising campaign. Hula Networks debuted the first edition of a five episode series last week called “Going Big with Mike Wilson 99-Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflip.” The episode went live on YouTube November 28th and already has over a half a million views.

“This announcement solidifies our dedication to grow our online visibility and customer awareness,” said Hula Networks CEO Joe Commendatore.

“We have helped thousands of carriers and enterprises across the globe increase company profits, decrease expenses, and mitigate risk since 2001; its time the world knows about it,” said Commendatore.

Hula Networks has been a direct certified partner with many leading OEM’s in the telecommunication world since 2001. Additionally the company helped pioneer the pre-owned market for used Cisco and Juniper as one of the founders UNEDA (United Networks Equipment Dealers Association).

Why would a Silicon Valley tech company partner with an action sports athlete?

Joe Commendatore had an answer: “These days, achieving true web presence means playing in the social networking scene. It takes serious creativity, some luck, and a lot of hard work. Let’s face it, computer networking equipment is not as exciting as a guy like Mike Wilson hurling himself off a 99-foot rope swing and throwing a quad back flip. What we are doing is cutting edge marketing and we expect to see big dividends from our efforts,” he added.

Commendatore first met Mike Wilson one weekend this past summer in Lake Tahoe. That weekend the two scouted for a new rope swing site and discussed the possibilities of a business relationship. In conversation the two realized they shared a strong passion for skiing and adventure. With even a stronger connection stemming from their shared experience with injuries that plagued their athletic careers. The two shared stories of how they persevered and overcame life threatening injuries.

Wilson was seriously injured in a ski accident when he came up short on a huge 185 foot gap in Aspen Colorado in 2004.

Commendatore was critically injured in a life threatening car accident in 1992 while driving home from a Downhill Ski Race for the Squaw Valley Ski Team.

The first episode of the series titled “Going Big with Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflip” was simultaneously released by Hula Networks and Shreddy Times, the production company Hula teamed up with for this endeavor. Together the first released episode has already received over a half a million hits on YouTube and looks like it may quickly become a YouTube sensation, according to Commendatore.

After watching the YouTube release and listening to its great soundtrack, it becomes crystal clear; nobody is cooler than Mike Wilson.

Many ski enthusiasts already know Mike Wilson as a professional skier, base jumper or action sport hero throwing huge double back flips off the Palisades, or sending it over the Fingers at Squaw Valley. “You may have seen Mike as he raised the bar this summer “with his unprecedented rope swing triple back flip into the Truckee River,” stated a representative of Shreddy Times. Most would think Mike would have hung up his jersey for an easy victory crowned, sickest rope swing hero on the planet but, that was not the case as Mike Wilson and Hula Networks are just getting started.

Mike went back to the drawing board and searched the shores of Lake Tahoe for the perfect location of the next Big Swing. Promising to take things to the next level Wilson was seeking the perfect spot to throw a quadruple back flip and Mike delivered ten times over!

The events captured in this YouTube megahit took place between Sunrise and Sunset, “It was truly an experience I’ll never forget,” stated Commendatore. “You have to see it, to believe it!” Hula Networks and the Shreddy Times Crew worked hard to get the shots while Mike delivered the goods. Wilson catapulted himself into the record books with this one throwing huge quadruple back flips from a 99 foot rope swing that sent him flying over 115 feet into the air.

“Mike Wilson is by far one of the most talented kids on the planet. Not only has he taken skiing to the next level in many aspects, but his diversity and all around athleticism carries over to Base Jumping, Insane Rope Swings, and much more. The kid is a cat that always finds his feet. Like Hula, Mike does everything 110%. His inner-drive and tenacity for success is what first aligned us and will be the foundation of a long term partnership,” said Hula Networks CEO, Joe Commendatore.

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