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Cooking at Kitchen on Fire: Learn how to cook anything at Kitchen on Fire, Berkeley CA — by Olivier Said on August 4, 2013 to Film & Animation (30 seconds)

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — For those craving to learn how to cook, Kitchen on Fire announces an opportunity to give themselves a gift that lasts a lifetime, culinary education. Home cooks attending the culinary school’s "12 Week Basics of Cooking Series" learn how to cook, liberating themselves from a lifetime of purchasing unhealthy, costly meals or processed foods. Every week while guided by professional chefs who love food and teaching their skills, students practice new culinary techniques, learn the chemistry behind cooking and receive tips on nutrition, and preparation of seasonal ingredients for maximum flavor and health. Students may enroll in an upcoming "12 Week Basics of Cooking Series" or any of Kitchen on Fire's diverse cooking and nutrition classes online or by calling 510.548.COOK (2665).

The “12 Week Basics of Cooking Series” is open to home cooks of all culinary levels, from novices looking to progress beyond boiling water to avid home chefs interested in taking their cooking to the next level. The goal for series graduates is to feel confident preparing delicious and nutritious meals using the freshest ingredients available without recipes. Students begin their first week of the series learning basic knife skills and mise en place. As students continue to hone their skills for the next eleven weeks, professional chefs continue to entertain and lead the class teaching the chemistry of cooking, as they cover such techniques as dry and wet cooking methods, frying, stocks, soups, sauces, condiments as well as baking techniques for yeast breads, and quick breads. The last class of the series takes its cue from food television; testing the students knowledge and creativity, chef instructors give each group three secret ingredients and instructions to prepare a three course meal of their choice using all the secret ingredients without following any recipes. This final class leaves students feeling confident and excited about their culinary knowledge.

Students enjoy every class learning how to confidently adapt and stray from recipes, tasting their classmates’ creations, sharing stories of culinary adventures undertaken outside of class and even a glass or two of wine or beer if they choose. Interested students may learn more about the course curriculum for the “12 Week Basics of Cooking Series” online.

Also throughout the basics cooking series, students attain culinary knowledge reaching beyond the chemistry and techniques of cooking and baking. Kitchen on Fire embraces the philosophy of S.L.O.E food – the use of sustainable, local, organic and ethically raised ingredients whenever possible. A certified nutritionist shares food knowledge during some classes such as the nutritional and budget benefits of eating seasonal ingredients, basic nutrition tips and information on how to achieve the maximum nutrient retention of ingredients throughout meal preparation. Students gain the priceless knowledge how to eat well for life during this educationally rich cooking series as well as Kitchen on Fire's many other nutrition focused classes.

In a world filled with quick fixes, Kitchen on Fire offers a relatively quick and fun solution to solving meal dilemmas for life with the “12 Week Basics of Cooking Series.” Everyone needs to eat, and everyone can learn to cook and think like a professional chef in just three months at this culinary school with a mission to change the world through good food, education and good times.

About Kitchen on Fire: Currently in its eight year of operation, Kitchen on Fire is a culinary school for home chefs offering a variety of cooking and nutrition classes as well as corporate team-building workshops and private events all led by a talented team of top chefs and food professionals. In a hands-on, fun environment, Kitchen on Fire teaches its students the science of cooking as well as the nutritional and financial benefits of using seasonal, local, organic ingredients to master the art of flavorful and healthy meal preparation. Instructors hold a variety of credentials such as professional chef, certified nutritionist, medical herbalist, cookbook author, restaurateur and molecular biologist. In addition to hosting culinary adventures Kitchen on Fire provides community outreach, teaching those most in need how to feed themselves, their families, and even forge a culinary career. To learn more, visit or call 510.548.COOK (2665).


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