InspireMe, LLC Announce the Debut of a New Online Radio Show Entitled Dreams Alive

InspireMe Home Page Introduction: — by Toyea Hawkins on January 24, 2014 to People & Blogs (209 seconds)

Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — InspireMe, LLC announce the debut of a new online radio show entitled Dreams Alive. The new show to broadcast on BlogTalk Radio will serve and inspire aspiring, new, and seasoned entrepreneurs to dream extraordinarily, act on what they envision, and act now. It is intended that listeners will be directly inspired, motivated, and empowered by interviews of guest visionaries who dared to step beyond their former boundaries to make their dreams come true through creativity, invention, passion, and business action. The Dreams Alive show is the dream child of the show’s host, Toyea Hawkins, who has named the show after her first book, one of poetry and inspirational writings, Dreams Alive. In the book she professes her connection to her clients and audience by stating, “I’m a dreamer. I’ve always been a dreamer, and always will be. However, it has never been my intention to just be a dreamer. You see I have always had a dream that all my dreams, God-given streams of vision, would come true. Why dream if not to attain?” (Toyea Hawkins, CEO and Founder, InspireMe, LLC)

The Dreams Alive broadcast, airing for the first time Monday, February 10, 2014, at 12:00pm PST, and every week same day and time slot, is set to re-ignite the flames of passion for life and entrepreneurial endeavors that have gone dormant in so many, and compel them, propel them even, into doing what it takes to transform their current situation into their heart’s desire. The online radio show will showcase women and men who once did what most have, making their money working for someone else. Until one day they had the brilliant idea to market something they were passionate about, and make more money for themselves. Like the state penitentiary officer turned Independent Filmmaker. Others may have always seen themselves in business for themselves, like the wife and Stay-at-Home Mother of four, turned Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach, Screen Writer, Dreams Alive Radio Show Host, and InspireMe CEO, who earned her MA in Counseling Psychology the same year her daughter graduated from high school.

InspireMe, LLC is located in American Canyon, California, and is a Life and Business Coaching firm that helps clients to achieve personal, professional, and business success through the areas of personal development, dream fulfillment, and doing what the Dreams Alive host calls, Living In Purpose On Purpose™. “I believe that there is no better time than right now to live the life you've always wanted to live by acting on the dreams you see in your heart. You may have to work out a few mind kinks first, but my doing so has caused me to produce books (fiction and non-fiction) workbooks, teaching cds, tele-seminars, inspirational audios, workshops, and a coaching business that helps people live life to the fullest.” (Toyea Hawkins, CEO and Founder, InspireMe, LLC). For more information about InspireMe, LLC, visit its website.

For more information, please contact: Toyea Hawkins InspireMe, LLC 4381 Broadway St, Suite 105A American Canyon, CA 94503 Phone: 707-681-1555 Email: inspireme(at)toyeahawkins(dot)com


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