Just 5 Days After Release JamKit is the #1 Music App in Japan

JamKit by Qanvis: Drum like a pro and challenge the world with JamKit for iPhone! Get it now! http://bit.ly/i8soNvJamKit on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/gfvLgEQanvis on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/qanvisQanvis site: http://www.qanvis.com — by Qanvis on April 24, 2011 to Science & Technology (35 seconds)

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — In less than 5 days after it hit the App Store, JamKit is the top downloaded music app in Japan and it’s being featured by Apple in the music “new and noteworthy” section of iTunes stores worldwide. Steve Sewell, CEO of Qanvis, said: “Before we had begun a single marketing effort, even sent a news release, JamKit was the #1 music app in Japan. Our jaws hit the floor.”

JamKit demonstrates an all new breed of interactive music application – an always evolving experience that is created and propelled by users everywhere. Key highlights include: Learn to drum like a pro – With JamKit users will refine their drumming rhythm and coordination by playing great challenges made by players across the world. Users will be amazed at how the simplest beats will completely baffle their fingertips, but after playing through just a few challenges they will be in awe at how fast their skill and coordination develops.

Challenge the world – As users improve their drumming skills they’re going to want to show someone. With JamKit users can drop a great beat and then challenge their friends and the world to match it. They can show off their skill and creativity all while contributing to the ever evolving library of great challenges for users everywhere to experience.

A great new way to share – JamKit’s “challenges” are an all new form of interactive music sharing. With JamKit, users don’t just listen to others’ beats, they get to truly experience them by playing along and honing their drumming skills in the process.

Inspire and be inspired – With JamKit, users have the opportunity to learn from the unique drumming techniques of others and develop their own distinctive style. With exposure to a near infinite supply of great challenges made by players across the world, users will never be without creative stimulation. So much to create, so much to learn.

Always fresh gameplay – JamKit community members create new and exciting challenges every day. This means a near endless supply of fresh, unique beats for users to experience any time. JamKit is the player community’s canvas – they don’t just play it, they create it.

A studio like no other – With JamKit, users will have a comprehensive jamming rig in their pocket everywhere they go. With tons of great free and pro kits, styles, tracks, and the ever evolving world challenge library, the player’s potential is infinite.

About Qanvis With Qanvis apps your possibilities are endless. We have amazing stuff on the way, JamKit is only the beginning. For more information, additional media, or any other inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We’ll be happy to respond very promptly.

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