Lafayette Sewer Repair and Replacement Contractors at Evenflow Plumbing Announce Summer Discount on Sewer Repair for $100 Off

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Lafayette, California (EastBayDaily) — Lafayette sewer repair and replacement plumbers at Evenflow Plumbing are now offering a discount of $100 of trenchless sewer replacement for residents of Lafayette, California. Evenflow Plumbing technicians will come with sewer repair and replacement discounts this summer and winter because they are happily offering $100 off Lafayette trenchless sewer repair which consists of replacing the existing pipe without digging up the yard. Evenflow Plumbing understands that the current economic conditions in Lafayette warrant the best savings possible. “We are offering this $100 off coupon for sewer repair in Lafayette because we want everybody to be able to experience the high level of service that we offer,” said Gary, Owner of Evenflow Plumbing serving Lafayette, CA. “We are hoping a lot of people take advantage of this sewer repair discount.”

Lafayette sewer repair and trenchless pipe replacement performed by Evenflow Plumbing is handled by experienced and licensed sewer replacement professionals who will perform your job efficiently for a fair price while treating your home or business as they would their own. Evenflow Plumbing has many service trucks and they perform all repairs at your location. "Our trucks are well stocked with parts and most of the time we can make a repair without having to order parts," says Gary.

“Evenflow Plumbing has over 20 years of experience handling sewer repair, trenchless replacement and drain cleaning in Lafayette California and we always treat our customers’ right,” said Gary. They have many positive online sewer repair and sewer replacement reviews from respected consumer review sites such as Google, Yahoo and Yelp. Reaction to the coupon has been very good so far says Gary, “We just announced this sewer repair coupon but already we have had people say this makes us the lowest price when all aspects of the job are considered. People really like that we offer up front pricing and no travel fee so there are no surprises.”

Lafayette sewer repair can be complicated and finding the right contractor for the job can be difficult according to Gary, “Many people get frustrated when their sewer breaks or their drain gets clogged. Some people try to repair the sewer or drain clog themselves. Some are successful but most are not. We recommend saving your time and letting professional plumber in Lafayette get the job done right the first time.”

This time of year is especially busy for Evenflow Plumbing. “We get a lot of calls for sewer replacement but we also get a lot of calls for people who want drain cleaning in Lafayette,” says Gary. “We recommend the best sewer or plumbing service we can for the situation. Most of the time a sewer can be repaired but sometimes the sewer must be replaced. The plumbing coupons we are offering can really save people money, especially when it comes to sewer repair in Lafayette.”

To learn more about Evenflow Plumbing or their current specials please visit their website. People are also invited to give them a call to schedule an appointment for a no cost estimate for sewer repair in Lafayette.

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