Leading Web Conferencing and Visual Collaboration Provider Vyew Releases Vyew Version 3.0

Vyew 3.0 Demonstration: A demonstration of the new features of Vyew 3.0, including sidebar discussion forums, webcam and voice over IP (VoIP), private text chat, quiz and poll creator, and user statuses. — by vyewdemos on August 16, 2008 to Science & Technology (277 seconds)

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Vyew, a leading provider of browser-based visual-collaboration and web-conferencing software, today announced the release of Vyew 3.0. Vyew 3.0 improves the experience of web conferencing and visual collaboration with contextual discussions, voice comments, webcam support and other communication enhancements.

Vyew 3.0 is the only conferencing and collaboration platform selected and profiled in the “Collaboration” category in a PC World article, “25 Best Business Software Tools and Web Services,” published on September 7, 2008: 25 Best Business Software Tools and Web Services. A video demonstration of Vyew 3.0 is available here: Vyew 3.0 Demonstration

Vyew 3.0 uniquely combines all aspects of web conferencing, desktop sharing, real-time and always-on collaboration on any digital content in one workspace. It requires no software installation so that it can be accessed from any Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer with any browser. Collaborators can enter a meeting with one click on a meeting link. You can try Vyew 3.0 for free at Vyew.com.

“Finding new ways to improve collaboration is the key to achieving higher worker productivity and quality. Workspaces that blend real-time, asynchronous and visual collaboration such as Vyew are addressing customer needs for easier and faster communication and coordination in context to take collaboration to the next level,” said Mark Levitt, VP, Collaborative Computing, IDC.

Vyew Version 3.0 includes these new features: Searchable Contextual Sidebar Forums – Enable collaborators to have a textual discussion alongside content and visually pinpoint the source of the discussion. Comments can be filtered by user, date and flag. Voice Comments – Provide a new medium for collaborators to participate in addition to text comments. Application Programming Interface (API) – Allows single-user Flash applications to be uploaded to Vyew and converted to multi-user collaborative applications. Webcam support – Conference participants can broadcast live video of themselves to the other conference participants. Voice over IP (VoIP) – Presenters can speak through their computer microphones to others in a meeting by clicking the “Push To Talk” button in Vyew. Other meeting participants hear the presenter through their computer speakers or headphones. Private Chat Groups – Two or more participants can text-chat separately from the group. Quiz and Poll Creator – A tool for creating true/false, multiple-choice and text-input quizzes and polls and for displaying results in graph form. User Statuses – Conference participants can click on buttons such as “Raise Hand” when they have a question and “Slow Down” notifying the presenter that he or she is going too fast.

“Vyew’s API was an important factor in our decision to select Vyew as our platform for web-based collaborative courseware applications required by our corporate and government clients,” said Don Holmes, CEO of Imedia.it. “Our extensive evaluation of visual-collaboration platforms clearly established Vyew as the leading instant workspace for ease of use, security and features.”

Vyew 3.0 supports the widest range of user and organizational preferences for price, security and administrative control. Vyew’s three hosted services range from free to $19.95 per user per month and Vyew also provides enterprise licensing for larger organizations. For organizations that require high data security, integration with enterprise systems such as single sign-on and enhanced user administration and usage reporting, Vyew provides Vyew Enterprise Appliance, a 1U rack-mounted appliance and enterprise control panel for installation and hosting in an organization’s information-systems environment.

Vyew 3.0 supports the widest range of content in a collaboration platform. Users can upload Microsoft Office, Adobe .pdf, text, graphic, audio and video content. Vyew also provides screen capture so there is no concern about getting content from any application into Vyew. Vyew also includes desktop sharing for demonstrating directly from a user’s workstation and for remote support.

“The release of Vyew 3.0 is a significant milestone for Vyew and for the collaboration industry because it is a mature product for both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration,” said Henry Hon, CEO of Vyew. “The enhancements that Vyew introduced were customer-driven and reflect the needs of our broad base of users in industries such as education and training, marketing, architecture, graphic and industrial design.”

About Vyew Vyew (http://www.vyew.com) is a browser-based collaboration and conferencing platform that enables web users to share and create together in real-time and over time. Within seconds, Vyew users can access a shared instant workspace where they can upload and annotate files (.ppt, .doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpg, .mp3, .flv, etc.), take screen captures, white-board and use a library of plug-ins to create content for sharing and collaboration. Content in Vyew can be saved, accessed on demand, left always on for reference or modifications, printed and published anywhere on the Web. During live conferencing sessions users can also communicate via Vyew’s free teleconferencing service, instant text chat, webcam, Voice over IP (VoIP) and by sharing their desktop.


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