Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Now Monitors Air Quality in Hospitals and Operating Rooms

Lighthouse LMS Pharma Systems in Hospitals/Surgery Rooms: Particle monitoring systems for hospitals and surgery rooms. Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the premier supplier of air, liquid and gas particle counters. This video illustrates how particle counters and the Lighthouse LMS Pharma system are used to monitor the hospital and surgery room environments.Lighthouse has the solution for all environmental and cleanroom monitoring needs. We develop technology that has superior accuracy and reliability. Lighthouse develops technology that counts.Lighthouse was founded with the mission to use science and technology to make a positive difference to mankind. We are committed to improving the lives of our customers through superior sensor technology and best in class service. — by Light house on December 28, 2011 to Science & Technology (371 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the world leader in monitoring critical environments. One of the most critical environments is those used in healthcare. Five to 10 percent of patients admitted to hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide acquire a secondary infection during their stay.

Healthcare facilities, in operation on a continuous basis and with varying levels of occupancy, have the most demanding use of any other type of building. As HVAC systems age, they require maintenance and repair. Aging HVAC systems can become compromised and act as a reservoir and distribution system of contamination that contributes to the spread of infection.

Lighthouse’s monitoring solutions and instrumentation detects changes in the environment, providing timely information, notification and warnings to assist in identifying contamination sources and this information can be used to reduce infection. Pharma environments that are ideal for this solution include surgery rooms, pharmacy and formulation rooms, emergency room, fertility clinics, blood banks, tissue banks, medication storage, transport, warehouse, laboratory, radiopharmacy facilities, food service, stem cell banks, and more.

Parameters that are monitored include room temperature & relative humidity, differential pressure, particle counts, freezer temperatures, incubator temperatures and door openings, oven temperatures, medical gas pressures & purity, air velocity, microbiological air & surface quality, and door opening and closing in critical environments. The LMS software makes it easy to navigate, create & edit graphs and create reports. Integrated measurement stations that monitor and contain various environmental sensors can be integrated into sensitive locations. Alarm beacons in each room indicate the overall status of the environmental conditions. Warning and action signals inform operators about the room conditions at all times.

The system is designed to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Lighthouse has experience and expertise in monitoring of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulated facilities for the FDA, EMA, WHO and other international regulatory agencies. Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) provides a strong set of guidelines to follow for the design, implementation and testing of contamination measurement instruments and monitoring systems.

About Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Lighthouse is the leading provider of particle counters, particle, microbial, environmental and facility monitoring software, and contamination monitoring systems. The company provides accurate monitoring devices such as microbial samplers, total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers, liquid particle counters, handheld particle counters, and airborne particle counters to the defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and many other manufacturing sectors.

With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities based on the West Coast, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions’ products are proudly made in the USA. The company’s products are sold and supported by a global network of distributors.

Direct all media and product inquiries to: Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions 47300 Kato Road Fremont, CA 94538 USA +1 510.438.0500 info (at ) golighthouse (dot) com


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