Livermore AC Repair Company Big Bear Heating & Air Announces New Special for a Diagnostic and Freon Check On Air Conditioning Unit

Livermore Air Conditioning Installation |Livermore New Air Conditioner: Livermore air conditioning installation by Big Bear Heating & Air is done by licensed Livermore contractors. Air conditioning installation in Livermore always needs to be done by an experienced professional. New air conditioning installation in Livermore by the highly trained experts at Big Bear is completed very quickly so you can have the most comfortable temperatures during the hot months. Livermore air conditioning replacement can be a difficult task for people who dot have the proper tools and experience. When purchasing a new air conditioning unit it is important to make sure it meets the needs of your home and family. More and more people in Livermore are concerned with indoor air quality. Call us today for air conditioning installation in Livermore.Livermore Air Conditioning InstallationNew Air Conditioner in LivermoreAir Conditioning Installation Livermore CALivermore Air Conditioning Replacement — by BigBearLivermore on April 8, 2013 to News & Politics (25 seconds)

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Getting air conditioning repair in Livermore is not something that most people want to worry about. The manufacturers of air conditioning systems recommend routine maintenance to increase the life of the system. According to Jason of Big Bear Heating & Air most homeowners have good intentions but fail to have the proper maintenance performed. “Most of the Livermore AC repair jobs we go on are the result of people not performing the required maintenance of their AC unit. Every year the unit should be serviced by a qualified and licensed professional to minimize the chances of the system breaking down when people need it most.”

Livermore air conditioning contractors at Big Bear Heating & Air are now offering a new discount so people can get a diagnostic along with a Freon check for $39.99. “We want to help encourage people to get their A/C system inspected that usually wouldn’t. We are hoping that this deal allows more people in Livermore to experience more up time with unit this summer,” says Jason. “What we do is send out one of our highly trained Livermore air conditioning technicians to make sure everything is working and that the Freon is at an acceptable level. If any repairs need to be done the $39.99 is applied to the repair.”

One of the things closest to the hearts of Jason and others at Big Bear is the preservation of the environment. Jason points out that today’s new air conditioning models are much more efficient than units from even 10 years ago. “An old A/C unit wastes a lot of power. We feel like every step people take to conserve energy is a step in the right direction. We want to do everything we can help, which is why we make our prices on air conditioning repair in Modesto very affordable,” says Jason.

Big Bear Heating & Air has been serving the Central Valley for many years. They have become known as a reputable company providing AC repair in Modesto, Turlock, Stockton, Livermore, Manteca and surrounding areas. According to their video testimonials their customers think they provide outstanding service.

In addition to serving Livermore, Big Bear is also an experienced Stockton AC repair company. They recently announced coupons in Stockton for air conditioning repair as well as the installation of an entire new A/C system. They offer fast, same day service in Stockton and other areas of the Central Valley.

To learn more about the AC repair in Manteca from Big Bear Heating & Air please visit their website. To learn more about the new Livermore diagnostic and Freon check coupon being offered for $39.99 please give them a call. For more information consumers are invited to watch their many informative online videos regarding air conditioning systems or to read their many positive online reviews on trusted review sites like Google+, Yahoo and Yelp for AC repair or replacement.


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