Local Doctor Writes Prescription to Solve Nation’s Main Problems

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Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Evelyn Li, MD, FACC, FACP, Congressional Candidate in California’s District 17, has done something few other candidates have done: rather than simply spreading generic messages with no real content, she has gathered and honed her ideas into a comprehensive form and written a book. What Makes Sense: Success Stories to Model is Dr. Li’s treatise on her solutions for a failing system. In the book, Li acknowledges that there are many theories and speculations about cause and effect for the current situation in California and the United States. However, as a cardiologist of 30 years, a small business owner, a mother, and a conscientious citizen who is involved in her community, Li has come up with viable solutions and backed up her claims with specific examples of success.

This book provides an in-depth discussion on the author’s thoughts about the strategies to approach the national current issues. Li explores the essential aspects of the nation to give readers the insights and understanding on the affairs of public interest. Here, she points out the needs of every aspect and presents proposals that bring solutions to the problems — Healthcare Innovative Bill Proposal (Healthcare), Production Innovation Increase Jobs Bill Proposal (Economy), Immigration Support USA Bill Proposal (Immigration), Light of Humanity Principle (Foreign Policy), Green Energy (Environment), and the regeneration of Traditional Values. From these propositions, readers will find a vision and goal that will lead the country to advancement and change.

With the significant information found in this book, readers will be inspired to join in the advocacy for change. Making relevant changes in the healthcare system, increasing productivity, inspiring and igniting the workforce, upholding environmental protection, strengthening foreign relationships, and bringing back the values that the Founding Fathers cherished will surely create one big national push toward the change the people envision.

For more information about Dr. Li and her book, please visit http://www.EvelynLi.org.


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