Mobile PRM Launches Patient Relationship Platform; Improves Health Outcomes and Plan Performance Ratings


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Orinda, California (EastBayDaily) — Mobile PRM is proud to announce the launch of their patient relationship management (PRM) platform, mobile disease management apps, and a powerful analytics engine that improve health outcomes and reduce costs in patients with chronic medical conditions.

The cost to treat chronic diseases in the United States is now more than one trillion annually. Medicare’s Five-Star Quality Rating System and other pay-for-performance models are designed to control health quality and costs. Health plans are under pressure to quickly implement disease prevention and health management solutions, or miss out on bonuses and marketing privileges.

"Health IT solutions like Mobile PRM that make it easy and rewarding for patients to improve their health represent an enormous market opportunity," said Pamela Swingley, CEO of Mobile PRM. "Not only do patients enjoy a better quality of life, but for health plans moving from a 3-star to a 5-star performance rating can mean millions in annual incentives."

The ante has been raised for Medicare plans that wish to remain competitive. Success requires meeting or exceeding performance standards across 50 measures established by CMS. Mobile PRM helps health plans and providers achieve high performance ratings in more than 30 measures by:      Helping patients stay healthy; preventive screening, tests, and vaccines education, reminders, and centralized records.     Simplifying chronic disease management.     Increasing patient satisfaction.     Improving medication safety and adherence through compliance monitoring and medication review.     Creating “stickiness” by consolidating health information, sharing care with family members, building reliance on reminders and historical data for health insights.     Supporting health goals; smoking cessation, BMI monitoring, daily exercise, mood and pain monitoring.     Awarding incentive points linked to health improvements that are redeemable through popular loyalty programs.

"The rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets has opened a powerful new channel to support patients between medical appointments," continues Swingley. "Thanks to two-way messaging, managing health is as easy as commenting on Facebook."

Mobile PRM simplifies health management for patients and their families. Reminders, compliance monitoring, education, rewards, bio-metrics tracking, a health record and care coordination work together to improve patient behaviors.

Through the PRM platform, health care plans and medical professionals engage with patients to prevent disease, assist in health management, and improve patient satisfaction. Real-time analytics provide pharmacists, physicians, caregivers, and patients with insight on performance, side effects, early intervention, trends and cost analysis.

“Anxiety among healthcare executives is high as health reform deadlines approach,” concludes Swingley. “Over the last few years, we have been building our PRM platform in anticipation of outcome-orientated care. Now that it has arrived, we are excited to contribute to improved outcomes, with rewards for all.”

About Mobile PRM Founded in 2009, Mobile PRM builds and markets patient-centric software solutions that improve patient outcomes and increase performance ratings and reimbursements for health plans and providers operating under a pay-for-performance model.

Mobile PRM makes it easier for patients to manage their health, offers patient monitoring for early intervention, and captures performance data used to evaluate effectiveness, improve outcomes and reduce costs. The company's solutions are especially effective in helping patients with chronic diseases that require close monitoring and expensive specialty medications.

Privately held, Mobile PRM is headquartered in Orinda, CA. Consumer: Enterprise:


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