premiers its first online video and adds new Designer Pacifiers and holders to their online store. Introduction to Personalized Pacifiers. MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers are the original, we invented personalized pacifiers! also has the most styles and colors to pick from. We offer the highest quality pacifiers available on the market. Visit our store at and preview how your baby's name will look on a MyPacifier for free! — by MyPacifierVideo on June 30, 2010 to Howto & Style (138 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Mommy-invented MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers premiers an online video and adds numerous new Designer Pacifiers and holders., the inventor of personalized pacifiers, has introduced several ‘Elodie Details’ Designer Pacifiers and accessories to their growing line of products. Since introduced the world’s first personalized pacifiers to America in early 2006, their product line has grown to over fifty choices in styles and colors. The new exclusive Designer Pacifier line includes: Cross-eyed Jolly Pirate Pacifier in black and matching holder Cross-eyed Jolly Pirate Pacifier in pink and matching holder Small People For Peace Pacifier and matching holder The Peacekeeper Pacifier and matching holder

These deluxe Designer Pacifiers make use of popular themes in today’s culture. ‘Cross-eyed Jolly’ Pacifiers include the familiar skull and crossbones designs for your little pirate. ‘Small People for Peace’ features the word ‘Peace’ wrapped around a peace symbol in classic lettering evocative of the 1960s, when the peace symbol first came on the scene. ‘The Peacemaker’ Designer Pacifier and matching holder salutes the military for keeping the peace with a familiar and colorful camouflage pattern. has also premiered its first online video. The two-minute production introduces the Personalized Pacifier story to millions of Internet users. It was written and produced by Kim Pedersen, co-owner of Editing was provided by Pixability, Inc. Pedersen said, “We’re very excited about our first video, it tells the story and at the same time shows off some very cute MyPacifier babies.” The video can be viewed on the YouTube page

The MyPacifier story started when a young mother in Denmark experienced the pacifier swap problem. Pia Callesen, the inventor of MyPacifiers, says, “When I went to day care to pick up my son Frederik, more often than not I found that his pacifier had disappeared and Frederik had another child’s pacifier in his mouth. I began searching for a pacifier product with a name on it, but I got the same answer in all the shops, ‘buy a permanent marker pen and write his name on the pacifier.’ I thought it should be possible for all parents to buy a quality pacifier with their child’s name engraved on it. Apart from looking good, it could then also survive repeated sterilization.”

Pia Callesen invented MyPacifiers, the world’s first personalized pacifiers, something she thought was sorely needed for mothers everywhere. Callesen spent months researching to find the right mix of a quality pacifier and the best-possible engraving equipment. “Since its launch in Denmark and Sweden, under the name, there has been great interest in MyPacifier,” says Callesen. “When my family in California heard about my idea and how popular it was becoming, they decided that the time was right for personalized pacifiers to come to the United States. In partnership with, Kim and Carol Pedersen of Fremont, California have made MyPacifiers available to all American parents via their website,”

MyPacifiers are high quality products, approved to US Consumer Product Safety Commission Title 16 CFR Part 1511 standards. MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers come in sizes for newborns, 0-3 months and 0-6 months, as well as for children older than three months. While MyPacifiers are the original Personalized Pacifiers, good ideas usually get copied. Beware of cheap quality imitations. includes the most choices of BPA-free personalized pacifiers available online.

MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers and Designer Pacifiers can both be purchased on the Internet at, THE online source for pacifiers in the USA! High-quality MyPacifiers are a luxury item for baby, yet can be purchased at very affordable prices. Discounts are available through promo codes on the face book page. home of the world’s first personalized pacifiers, is again confirmed as THE online store for pacifiers with its ever-growing pacifier product line!