New Player in Smartphone Accessories Market Debuts Square Jellyfish Earbud Case and Stand

Introducing the Square Jellyfish iPhone Stand: There are iPhone stands. And there are earbud cases. This little gem is both and you can even use it as a dock when charging your phone. It comes in four cool colors and right now you can get 15% of at — by SquareJellyfishTV on August 20, 2012 to Entertainment (91 seconds)

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Square Jellyfish is jumping in the pool of smartphone accessories with a line of colorful Apple earbud cases that keep buds safe and double as a stand for iPhone, iPod Touch and other smartphones, as well as 7” tablets and iPads equipped with cases.

The first in a new collection of consumer electronic accessories with the Square Jellyfish label, these tiny cases store classic Apple ear buds, with or without a microphone. Ideal for travelling on a plane or train or working at a desk, the case has a specially-designed hinge that holds a smartphone vertically or horizontally, and 7” tablets and iPads sitting horizontally. Consumers can watch movies, use Skype or FaceTime or charge their smartphone while it sits on the stand, with the choice of having earbuds stored or in use.

There appears to be a tremendous need for an easy-to-use stand that is versatile for everything from a smartphone to a tablet. There are smartphone and tablet stands on the market without storage for earbuds, and there are earbud storage cases without a stand. The accessories market has not offered an all-inclusive case that gives consumers the flexibility to use both features at the same time. Now with Square Jellyfish, for example, people can charge their phone on the stand, while their buds are safely stored. The case can keep earbuds from getting tangled or lost, and the bright colors and fun design should appeal to any customer who wants to take earbuds on the go.

The Square Jellyfish case will protect earbuds and cables in a purse, briefcase, gym bag or travel carrier. The case, measuring 2 3⁄4" x 1 3⁄4" x 5⁄8", is small enough that it slides easily into a consumer’s pocket for quick access. Square Jellyfish’s palate offers four fun colors to choose from: sea blue, lime green, purple and black.

The Square Jellyfish case comes with a premium-quality polishing cloth to keep screens clean. Available only from and eBay, each Square Jellyfish earbud case is $12.

Designed in the U.S., Square Jellyfish patents are pending. This product is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

For more information and for photos demonstrating how Square Jellyfish can be used as a tilt support for iPhone and iPad, visit


Sue Van Brocklin
Coates Kokes